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PiShengDengDr. Pi-Sheng Deng

Dr. Pi-Sheng Deng, born and raised up in Taiwan, R.O.C., earned his Ph.D. in the area of Management Information Systems from the Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University. He joinedCalifornia State University at Stanislaus in 1990, and is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems.His Ph.D. dissertation was on Machine Learning, and he has been publishing in machine learning-related topics and applications.

Pi-Sheng Deng is a strong advocator of multidisciplinary researchfor understandingcurrent advances in the interactions between management sciencesand information systems.His major research interests include: spreadsheet & mathematical modeling, computational organizational learning, data mining techniques and applications, business analytics, system dynamics for modeling complex decision making, and emergent behavior of distributed intelligent agents.

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