Executive Editor- Profile

Alireza-NouriAlireza Nouri Ph.D.

Current Status
 Associate Professor
School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Alberta, Canada

Dr. Nouri is an Associate Professor in the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. Dr. Nouri has 5 years of industrial experiences and has been involved in several years of consulting activities in such matters as sand production and hydraulic fracturing. Dr. Nouri has supervised several PhD students and researchers at the University of Alberta. The research projects of theses students have been funded by such notable places as BP Canada, BP America, NSERC, Suncor Energy, RGL Reservoir Management, and ERCB that have provided nearly two million dollars of funding over the past seven years. These personnel are involved in research projects on topics such as numerical and physical model testing of sand production, numerical model development for hydraulic fracturing, fracpack model development, caprock integrity analysis of SAGD projects, laboratory testing of slotted liners in SAGD operations, wellbore stability and breakout studies, development of models for continueous rock degradation and failure analysis, sand consolidation, and the investigation of sand liquefaction potential in injection wells under waterhammer pressure pulsing, among others. Dr. Nouri and his team have performed sand production analysis for several oil fields in the Golf of Mexico, Angola, and Azerbaijan. He has also performed investigations on the performances of several injection wells for several oil fields.
Dr. Nouri has been the author of over 70 technical papers. Several of these publications have been in highly reputed journals such as SPEJ, JCPT, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, and International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, among othes. He is a registered P.Eng. in Alberta and a member of SPE.

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