Executive Editor- Profile

AlexanderAlexander Sukhorukov  Ph.D.

Current Status
Senior Scientist,
Department of Higher Plants,
Faculty of Biology,
Moscow Lomonosov State University,

Dr. Alexander Sukhorukov is a senior scientist at the Department of Higher Plants at Moscow Lomonosov State University, Faculty of Biology. He joined the Department in 1994 and received his Ph.D. in 2003. During the years 1998-2007 he worked on the flora of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since 1997 he has studied the flora of Central Russia, predominantly the Black Earth region, participated in creation of The Flora of the Central Russia, The Red Data Book and The Identification Manual of Plants of the Tambov province.
His other current research interests are:

  •  Flora of Nepal, flora of the Eastern Mediterranean area with special focus on alien flora and common trends in taxonomy and morphology of invasive species in Eurasia;
  • Systematics, molecular phylogeny and distribution of Chenopodiaceae;
  • Carpology of the core Caryophyllales (Chenopodiaceae in particular) and its implications for taxonomy of this group;
  • The evolution of the fruit/seed characters in Cichorieae (Compositae).

At the present time he about 140 scientific publications, including monographs, books and journal articles in Russian, German and English.
His collaboration is with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Flora of Nepal project), Botanical Museum and Botanical Garden Berlin-Dahlem (Compositae), Museum of the Natural History in Vienna (Chenopodiaceae), Florida Natural Museum of the University Gainesville (Compositae), Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chenopodiaceae).




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