Executive Editor- Profile

PallePalle Jorgensen  Ph.D.

Current Status
Professor of Mathematics,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Iowa,
owa City, USA.

Prof. Palle Jorgensen is Professor of mathematics, he is teaching at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA; and before that he has taught at Stanford University, Aarhus University (Denmark), and at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a research mathematician,-- funding from the Natl. Sci. Foundation,-- his research papers have appeared in international scientific journals. Subjects: -- math, both pure and applied (functional analysis, operator algebras, and harmonic analysis), and applied: mathematical physics (quantum theory), engineering (signal/image processing), and statistics (Gaussian processes). His recent research: wavelet theory, subdivision algorithms, spectral-tile duality, scaling and fractals. For 2002 and 2006 wavelet books, see http://www.math.uiowa.edu/~jorgen




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