Executive Editor- Profile

Muhammad AttiqueMuhammad Attique Khan Shahid  Ph.D.

Current Status
Associate Professor,
Department of Physics,
GCU Faisalabad,

Dr. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid received his M. Phil Degree in Solid State Physics from CSSP (PU) Lahore Pakistan with research project entitled “Radioactive Pollution and its Health Hazards, a Study by SSNTDs and XRD analysis” and Master Degree in Physics with specialization in “Advance Electronics” recently has completed his Ph.D project in Solid State Physics entitled “A Comprehensive Investigation of Solid Aerosols Using XRD and ASS Techniques”. Dr. Shahid has completed other relevant Post graduate training courses as participant, presenter and as a faculty member in his areas of specialization from PINUM, NIAB, PNRA,NIFA, EPD etc the well reputed institutions of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and Environmental Protection Department along with his Professional in service training. Recently he is working as Associate Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics GCU Faisalabad. As for as his research Experiences is concerned it is multidimensional, Dr. Shahid has 30 years of academic and research experiences at graduation and post graduation level, his areas of interest are Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Health and Medical Physics, Radiation Physics Geo Physics, Soil Physics, Climatology and Meteorology, X-ray crystallography etc. More then 93 research Projects have been completed under his supervision and has 57 research publications in well-reputed journals in his credit, Pakistan Nuclear Regularity Authority (PNRA) certified Health Physicist RPO, RSO (PAEC) as attachment with atomic and Nuclear Physics research lab. Active member of Editorial Committee and referee in above said areas of interest for the Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (JBAS) and Global Advanced Research Journal of Geology and Mining Research (GAJMR). He has also worked as an associate editor for the journal of Natural Sciences, GCU Faisalabad. Author of Handbook of Physics (9th, 10th) objective type Physics for F.Sc (Part I, II), Experimental Physics Manuals (F.Sc part I, II), and M.A. Punjabi guides (Complete set) and supervised the Book on “The Secret of Gravity in the Light Of Quran and Science”. Dr. Shahid is member of PIP, Aerosol society and PASTIC. Established and upgraded graduation, post graduation level, labs in the department of Physics GCU Faisalabad, played key role in launching B.S (H), M.Sc. Physics and M.Phil Physics programs, rectified loopholes in their curriculum as chairman department of Physics through BOS, BOF and academic council meetings to bring them at par with other national/ international universities of the world. Currently working as regular faculty member NIAB for graduate, post-graduate level courses for atomic energy commission scientists working in different organizations along with R and D activities in his areas of interest as joint venture with PINUM, NOORI, NIAB, SKCH etc.




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