Executive Editor- Profile

Shahid-Badar-UsmaniShahid Bader Usmani  Ph.D.

Current Status
Group Leader Quality Lab,
Mylan Pharmaceutical,
Etobicoke Ontario,

Dr. Shahid Bader Usmani passed Master of Science in Chemistry from University of Karachi in 1988. After about one year teaching in Jamia Osmani College Karachi, he joined H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi for Ph.D under the guidance of Dr. Bina Shaheen Siddiqui and got Ph.D in 1996. He worked on Studies of Chemical Constituents of Holarrhenaantidysenterica; and on β-carboline Series of Alkaloids and their Pharmacological Activity.

Soon after the Ph.D he was awarded UNESCO scholarship to conduct research in Tokyo Institute of Chemistry, Japan, where he worked on Organometallic Synthesis.

After returning from Japan he joined Merck Sharp and Dhomeand worked for two years in quality laboratory. Since 2001 he has working in quality laboratory in Mylan Pharmaceutical Canada (Previously known as Merck, Germany).

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