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Giovanni-De-FeoGiovanni De Feo  Ph.D.

Current Status
Aggregate Professor,
Department of Industrial Engineering,
University of Salerno,

Dr. Giovanni De Feo is an Aggregate Professor of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, he currently teaches Environmental Impact Assessment, and Environmental Assessment Procedures at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Salerno, Italy. At the Engineering Faculty, he is member of the teaching board of the Ph.D. course in “Chemical Engineering”, and he has taught courses on Pollution Phenomenon and Control of the Environmental Quality, Environmental management systems, Elements of environmental impact, Solid waste treatment and disposal, and Wastewater treatment plants. He has been tutor and co-tutor of more than 250 theses. Giovanni De Feo carries out his researches at the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn), University of Salerno. His research interests are in the following fields: Life Cycle Assessment (solid waste, wastewater); Solid waste management (siting of treatment and disposal plants, separate collection, sociological investigations); Wastewater treatment (constructed wetlands, submerged biological filters, chemically assisted sedimentation, optimization and management costs); Water and wastewater technologies in ancient civilizations; Characterization of the quality of surface water and groundwater, environmental management systems. He serves as Referee for twenty-five international journals, and he is Associate Editor of Water Science and Technology, and Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. He is member of the Editorial Board of five following international journals. He is a member as well as Editor of the Newsletter of the Management Committee of the Specialist Group on Water and Wastewater in Ancient Civilizations of the IWA (International Water Association). He has participated as chairman, member of programme committee, member of organizing committee, and speaker at numerous international conferences, workshops, seminars, master classes, etc. He is author and co-author of more than 100 scientific and technical publications in Sanitary and environmental engineering on chapters of books and journals as well as proceedings of national and international conferences and, finally, is the author of three national books about Pollution phenomenon and control of environmental quality (around 700 pages), Wastewater treatment (around 1200 pages) and Waste treatment (around 800 pages).




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