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Dr.-KhalifaProf. Dr. Khalifa Abd El- Maksoud Zaied, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D.

Current Status
Department of Genetics
Faculty of Agriculture
Mansoura University

Prof. Dr. Khalifa Abd El- Maksoud Zaied , a Professor of Genetics at the Faculty of Agriculture , Mansoura University, and a member of the Scientific Committee for the upgrades professors and associate professors in Egyptian Universities of the Supreme Council of Universities . He was obtained his B. Sc . in Genetics ( 1981 ) , Fac. of Agric. , Alexandria University , Egypt  , as well as , his M. Sc. in Genetics ( 1987 ) ,  Faculty of Agric. , Mansoura University  , Egypt ,  Thesis Entitled : A comparative study between producing respiration deficient mutants by some carcinogenic and anti-cancer compounds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae  , and his Ph. D. in Genetics ( 1990 ) , Faculty Of Agriculture  , Mansoura University , Egypt  .Thesis Entitled : The genetic analysis of hybrid vigor in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the role of mitochondria altered through a carcinogenic compounds . He was supervised on more than 35 Ph. D . and M. Sc. degrees in the field of Microbial Genetics, biological control of insects using biotechnological techniques . He was a Chairman of Genetic Department , Faculty  of Agriculture ,  Mansoura University ,  Egypt , from August 2006  until August 2012  . He was a Coordinator of Faculty of Agriculture , from January 1 , 2008 till December 2013. He was teaching many courses to under graduate students such as ; Principles of Genetics, Population Genetics , Cell Biology , Genetics and Genetic Engineering ( For the students of Fac. of Vertebrate Medicine ) , Special genetic course for the Branch of Plant Pathology , Genetics and Society , Genetic and Cytological techniques, Genetic fingerprinting. He was teaching many courses to post-graduate students such as; Microbial Genetics , Radiation Genetics , Genetic Technique , Biochemical Genetics , Human Genetics , Physiological Genetics , Population Genetics , Genetics and Society ( advanced ) , Cytogenetics , Genetic Engineering , extranuclear inheritance, Developmental Genetics , Advanced Genetics , Molecular Biology, Fungal Genetics . He was a Principal investigator of the project entitled : New Recombinant Bioinsecticide Products Induced  In  Bacillus thuringiensis Enhanced with Chitinase Enzyme for efficient toxicity against Spodoptera litura , Funded from Mansoura University in 2007 . In addition , a Principal investigator of the project entitled : Biocontrol of heavy metals pollution from wastewater , Funded from ASTF/ALJ Grant for scientific research and innovation in technology in the Arab World, UAE in 2007. He was Co-principal investigator of the project entitled : Cytological and genetic effects of wastewaters resulted from Fertilizer Factory  and its microbial genetic biocontrol , funded from Mansoura Univ. , during 1994 - 1996 , as well as, Co-principal investigator of the project entitled : Biofertilization of wheat plants with Azospirillum – azide resistant mutants and Azorhizobium strains , funded from Mansoura Univ. , during 2005 – 2006. His filed of research in Genetics was related to environmental biotechnology , genetic improvement the efficiency of nitrogen fixation in  rhizobacteria through horizontal  gene transfer , biological control of insects , genetic improvements the biochemical and industrial traits in microorganisms , wastewater treatment , yeast and bacterial genetics , biodegradation of environmental pollutions. He was a Member of the scientific mission at Biological Center in Haren , Groningen University, 1992 , The Netherlands . He was Participated some of his papers in the following conferences ; Biological terrorism , Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in 2005 , Saudi Arabia  Kingdom, the 5th Water Conference in State of Qatar , March : 24 – 28 , 2001 , the 7th Water Conference in State of Kuwait , November : 19 – 23 , 2005. He was published more than 80 papers in the field of Genetics , as well as, approved more than 50 M. Sc. and Ph. D. in Genetics.




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