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Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences | Volume 14

Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

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Volume 14, 2018 



(Articles presented in chronological order with in alphabatically ordered issue SECTIONS )


Effect of Potassium Chloride on Seed Germination and Early Growth of Three Rape Seed Varieties - Pages 186-190

Shakeela Bano Solangi,Zeeshan Ahmed Solangi, Afshan Bano Solangi, Shabana Memon, Jameel Ahmed Solangiand Sadaf Memon

Comparison of Foliar Verses Soil Application of Micronutrients on the Production of Wheat (Triticum aestivum. L) Crop. - Pages 161-164

Arshad Ali Kaleri, Mukesh Kumar Soothar, Barkat Ali, Saeed Ahmed, Aurang Zaib, Abdul Jabbar Chandio, Feroz Gul Nizamani and Ayaz Ali Pahnwar

Efficacy of Extraction Methods of Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract for Enhanced Growth and Yield of Wheat
- Pages 131-135

Muhammad Umer Chattha, Imran Khan, Muhammad Umair Hassan, Muhammad Bilal Chattha, Muhammad Nawaz, Asif Iqbal, Nazar Hussain Khan, Naveed Akhtar, Muhammad Usman, Mina Kharal and Muhammad Aman Ullah

Grain Yield, Nutrient Accumulation and Fertilizer Efficiency in Bread Wheat under Variable Nitrogen and Phosphorus Regimes - Pages 80-86
Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Abbas, Javiad Ahmed Shah and Muhammad Yousuf Memon

Impact of Unequal Distribution of Canal Water on Farm Produce: A Case Study Matli Taluka  - Pages 45-52
Zareen Khan Rind, Ghulam Ali Jariko, Shahabuddin Mughal and Ghazala Umer Baghal

Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of a Salt Tolerant α-Amylase Producing Isolate NH-25 - Pages 180-185

Mahnaz Ahmad, Raheela Rahmat Zohra and Shah Ali Ul Qader

Role of Metal Ions, Surfactants and Solvents on Enzymatic Activity of Partial Purified Glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger ER05 
- Pages 141-146
Erum Hanif, Shah Ali Ul Qader and Raheela Rahmat Zohra

Back_To_Index.jpgComputer Sciences
Pedagogical Significance of Natural Language Programming in Introductory Programming - Pages 62-71
Muhammad Shumail Naveed and Muhammad Sarim

Back_To_Index.jpgFood Sciences
Impact of Cooking Methods on Physicochemical and Sensory Attributes of Apple Gourd - Pages 136-140
Aamna Soomro, Asadullah Marri, Nida Shaikh, Aijaz Hussain Soomro, Shahzor Gul Khaskheli

Reinforcement of Lime Ash Particles in LDPE - Pages 119-123
N. Khan, Z. Ahmed, M.A. Wasif and A. Nafees

Optimization of Surface Roughness and MRR in Powder Mix EDM Die-Sink for Inconel 718 using RSM - Pages 98-106
M. Ahsan Ul Haq, Salman Hussain, Wasim Ahmad, Mirza Jahanzaib, Waseem Iqbal and Saira Shehzadi

An Estimation of the Impact of Uninterpretable Power Supply Systems on Electricity Distribution Utility of Pakistan - Pages 92-97
Usama Qazi, Muhammad Rizwan Ali and Abdul Moqueet

An Empirical Analysis of a Process Industry to Explore the Accident Causation Factors: A Case Study of a Textile Mill in Pakistan - Pages 72-79
Muhammad Ali Bin Manzoor, Salman Hussain, Wasim Ahmad and Mirza Jahanzaib

Spatio-Temporal and Physiographical Study of the Abandoned Sutlej River: A Case of Jhangi Wala, Bahawalpur, Pakistan
- Pages 124-130

Muhammad Javed Iqbal, M.M. Anwar, Muhammad Nasar U Minallah, Khalil-Ur- Rehman, Noor Hussain Chandio, K.V. Zakharov, Muhammad Mohsin and Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

Impacts of Downtown Developments to Facilitate Environmental Sustainability and Presence of Core and Frame: A Case Study of Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan - Pages 23-31

Tanveen A. Rasheed, M. Imran Akram and Azra Parveen Azad

The Slaughtering and Dressing Procedures of Livestock Inside the Butcher Shops Generate High Levels of Bacterial Contamination - Pages 165-173

Fawzi I. Irshaid, Jacob H. Jacob and Saifaldeen I. Alhawamdeh

Back_To_Index.jpgPharmaceutical Sciences
Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Phaseolus vulgaris L. Fixed Oil in Rodents - Pages 174-179

Salma, Sadia Ghousia Baig, Muhammad Mohtasheem ul Hasan, Salman Ahmed and Syeda Anum Fatima


Study of Multi-Drug Resistance Associated with Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment by DOT Implementation Strategy in Pakistan - Pages 107-112

Sana Saeed, Moosa Raza, Maryam Shabbir, Muhammad Furqan Akhtar, Ali Sharif, Muhammad Zaman, Sajid Ali, Sajid Nawaz and Ayesha Saeed


Rydberg Energy Levels and Quantum Defects of some Semiconductor Elements - Pages 113-118

Ejaz Ahmed and Jehan Akbar


Correlation Structure of Solar Radio Bursts in Accordance with Solar Activity - Pages 17-22

Saifuddin Ahmed Jilani and Sana Wajih


Using Art as Therapy with a Child with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Comorbid Intellectual Disability: A Case Study - Pages 156-160

Hina Ayaz

Space ScienceBack_To_Index.jpg
Relation between Luminosity and Surface Rotation of Spotted Stars- Pages 1-8
Ingila Rahim and Muhammad Rashid Kamal Ansari

Latent Class Model on Socio-Religious Data - Pages 147-155

Bushra Shamshad and Junaid Saghir Siddiqi

Two way Panel Causality Analysis for Degree of Trade Openness and Size of City - Pages 32-44

Uzma Tabassum and Shaista Alam

Back To IndexVeterinary Science
Anti-Nematodal Efficacy of Ivermectin (Oral) and Extracts of Coriandrum sativum in Sheep in Barani Livestock Production Research Institute (BLPRI) Kherimurat, District Attak Punjab Pakistan - Pages 87-91
Memrez Khushal Gigyani, Khurshaid Anwar, Muhammad Ovais Omer, Habibun Nabi, Insanud Din, Anwarud Din and Zill E. Huma         

Effect of Dietary Selenium Supplementation on Morphology and Antioxidant Status in Testes of Goat - Pages 53-61
Iqra Bano, M. Malhi, S.A. Soomro, Safia Kandhro, Muhammad Awais, Seema Baloch, Saba Perveen and Hira Sajjad

Prevalence and Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus from Wound of Different Animal Species - Pages 12-16
Mussarat Kumbhar, Safia Kandhro, Rehmatullah Rind, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Iqra Shafi Chandio, Tanzila Farooq, Asif Rehman, Aijaz Junejo, Faisal Noor Qureshi and Mathan Kumar

Influence of Phytohormones on Callus Indication and Micrpropagation on Rose (Rosa indica L.) - Pages 9-11
Mehran Ali, Shahla Karim Baloch, Nighat Seema, Shafqat Yaeen, Arshad Ali Kaleri, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Ghulam Shah Nizamani, Ghulam Farooq Subhapoto, Mohsin Ali Kaleri, Faizan Shahani and Memona Shahani




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