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Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences | Volume 14

Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Table of Contents

Volume 14, 2018 



(Articles presented in chronological order with in alphabatically ordered issue SECTIONS )



Impact of Unequal Distribution of Canal Water on Farm Produce: A Case Study Matli Taluka  Back_To_Index.jpg
- Pages 45-52
Zareen Khan Rind, Ghulam Ali Jariko, Shahabuddin Mughal and Ghazala Umer Baghal


Back_To_Index.jpgImpacts of Downtown Developments to Facilitate Environmental Sustainability and Presence of Core and Frame: A Case Study of Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan - Pages 23-31

Tanveen A. Rasheed, M. Imran Akram and Azra Parveen Azad


Correlation Structure of Solar Radio Bursts in Accordance with Solar Activity
- Pages 17-22

Saifuddin Ahmed Jilani and Sana Wajih

Space ScienceBack_To_Index.jpg
Relation between Luminosity and Surface Rotation of Spotted Stars- Pages 1-8
Ingila Rahim and Muhammad Rashid Kamal Ansari

Statistics  Back_To_Index.jpg
Two way Panel Causality Analysis for Degree of Trade Openness and Size of City
- Pages 32-44

Uzma Tabassum and Shaista Alam

Back To IndexVeterinary Science
Prevalence and Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus from Wound of Different Animal Species - Pages 12-16
Mussarat Kumbhar, Safia Kandhro, Rehmatullah Rind, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Iqra Shafi Chandio, Tanzila Farooq, Asif Rehman, Aijaz Junejo, Faisal Noor Qureshi and Mathan Kumar

Influence of Phytohormones on Callus Indication and Micrpropagation on Rose (Rosa indica L.) - Pages 9-11
Mehran Ali, Shahla Karim Baloch, Nighat Seema, Shafqat Yaeen, Arshad Ali Kaleri, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Ghulam Shah Nizamani, Ghulam Farooq Subhapoto, Mohsin Ali Kaleri, Faizan Shahani and Memona Shahani



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