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Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences | Volume 8 Number 1

Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

Table of Contents

Volume 8 No.1, 2018

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Natural Carotenoid Pigments of 6 Chlorophyta Freshwater Green Algae Species - Pages 1-5

Rashidi Othman,Nur Hidayah Noh, Farah Ayuni Mohd Hatta and Mohd Aizat Jamaludin

Structural Changes to Immune Organs in Rats after Intermittent Fasting Following a High Carb and Fat Diet - Pages 6-12

Ika Fidianingsih, Titis Nurmasitoh, Aulia Dian Ashari, Desi Yana and Dwi Nur Ahsani

Direct Determination of Selenium in Serum Matrix by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry: Application on Healthy Individuals from Algeria - Pages 13-19

Abderrezak Khelfi, Mohammed Azzouz, Rania Abtroun, Mohammed Reggabi and Berkahoum Alamir

Phytochemical Investigation and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Foeniculum vulgare Leaves Extract Ingredient of Ethiopian Local Liquor - Pages 20-28

Mohammed Seid, Aman Dekebo and Neelaiah Babu

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