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Co-Editor in Chief- Amedeo-Amedei

Amedeo Amedei Amedeo Amedei was born in Rodi Garganico on  April 1st, 1971. In 1996 he graduated with full marks and honours in Biology at Florence University. He started his scientific career studying the role of Th1/Th2 lymphocytes in GVHD, atopicdermatitis and kidney rejection. After he examined the role of Helicobacterpylori-specific immune response in gastricdiseases. In 2003 beganhisdoctor’s degree in "Clinical and Sperimental Medicine". In 2005 he became researcher at Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine (University of Florence), where in 2015 he was appointed Associate Professor.Recently, the Prof. Amedei has focused his scientific interests on the cancer immunology. The great quality of his international profile is documented by scientific production: 126 peer reviewed articles (3474 Citations), 6 book chapters and one patent. Prof. Amedei is serving as an editorial board member of 56 international journals and carries out activities as scientific reviewer for international research projects of private and public entities.

He is currently associated with following organizations:-

Scientific Associations:

Member of the Italian Association of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA).

Member of the Italian Association of Neuroimmunology (AINI)

Superintendent of Florence division of Sipem (Italian Society of Medical Education)

Member of Interdepartmental Research Centre for the development of new minimally invasive techniques in surgical oncology (COMIS)

Member of the editorial council of the Book Italian Association

Member of the Florence’s SODs Lupus Clinic

Member of the scientific council of Magazine "Science and Research"

Member of the Pancreatic Unit of University Hospital Careggi

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