Journal of Analytical Oncology

Solitary Extramedullary Plasmocytoma of the Thyroid Gland: A Case Report
Pages 1-4
Martin Balog, Ulrich Lang and Günther Winde
Published: 12 February 2015

Abstract: Solitary extramedullary plasmocytoma (SEP) of the thyroid gland is a very rare disease. The diagnosis of SEP can be made after ruling out multiple myeloma. Histological examinations, immunohistochemical analysis with an overexpression of CD 138, CD 38 and kappa light chain reaction confirmed this uncommon condition in our case. Medullary carcinoma, MALT-Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of the thyroid should be excluded in the diagnosis.

Surgical resection and radiotherapy, or a combination of both, are standard treatment methods. However, because of rareness of this disease, no general therapy can be recommended.

We report about a 75 year old male patient and its involvement of the right remainder thyroid lobe by SEP five years post a Dunhill-Procedure due to multinodular goiter.

Keywords: Solitary, plasmocytoma, extramedullary, thyroid, multiple myeloma.
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