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Journal of Analytical Oncology | Volume 2 Number 4


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 4, 2013

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessPathological Complete Response Induced by the Combination Therapy of Gemcitabine and 24-h Infusion of Cisplatin in Two Cases Initially Diagnosed as Node-Positive Advanced Urothelial Carcinomas - Pages 188-194
Kenji Ina, Ryuichi Furuta, Tomoko Nishio, Satoshi Kayukawa, Takae Kataoka, Haruhito Totani, Takashi Kanamori, Takaki Kikuchi, Shun Umeda and Tamio Fujita

C-Terminal-PEDF Reduces IC50 Doses and Chemoresistant Population of CD133 and BCRP1-Positve Cancer Stem Like Cells - Pages 195-208
Paola Castro-Garcia, Carmen Gil-Gas, Paloma Honrubia-Gómez, Carmen Belen Alvarez-Simón, Jesús-José Ferré-Fernández, Francisco Sánchez-Sánchez, Jose Luis Sánchez-Sánchez, Jose Mª Garcia-Bueno, Sebastiá Sabater, Guadalupe Aparicio, Luis Miguel Antón-Aparicio and Carmen Ramírez-Castillejo

Role of Primary Tumour Resection and Addition of Bevacizumab to Chemotherapy in the Management of Advanced Colorectal Cancer with Inoperable Metastasis: A Retrospective Analysis - Pages 209-217
Javier Garde Noguera, Elena Evgenyeva, Mireia Gil Raga, Asunción Juárez Marroquí, Juan Manuel Gasent Blesa, Juan Laforga, Laia Bernet, Mónica Clemente Císcar, Carlos Camps Herrero and Antonio Llombart Cussac

Open AccessMetabolic Activation and Inactivation of Irinotecan when Combined with the Human Monoclonal Antibody Bevacizumab - Pages 218-225
Martin Czejka, Andreas Kiss, Eva Ostermann, Johannes Schueller, Mansoor Ahmed, Najia Mansoor and Tasneem Ahmad

The Effect of Pretreatment with Chemotherapeutic Drugs on the Susceptibility to Lymphokine Activated CD8+ T Lymphocyte-Mediated Cytotoxicity in CMK Leukemia Cells - Pages 226-232
Bülent Özgönenel, Öner Özdemir, Melike Özgönenel, Ronald Thomas, Steven Buck and Süreyya Savaşan

A DNA Vaccine Targeting the Fetal Liver Kinase-1 (Flk-1) can Activate the Special CD8+ T Cell and Inhibit the Metastasis of Orthotopic Lewis Lung Cancer Model - Pages 233-240
Xin Liu, Yan Chen, Zhi Ping Wu, Cong Guo Jin, Xiao Qun Chen, Jia Li, Yong Chun Zhou and Xi Cai Wang


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