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Journal of Analytical Oncology | Volume 4 Number 2

Journal of Analytical Oncology

Table of Contents

Volume 4 No. 2, 2015

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open Access

Cell Proliferation Measured by Ki67 Staining and Correlation to Clinicopathological Parameters in Operable Breast Carcinomas from Vietnamese and Swedish Patients - Pages 58-68
Vu Hong Thang, Lambert Skoog, Nguyen Ba Duc, Ta Thanh Van and Edneia Tani

Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction vs TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction: Solving Problems in a More Simple Way - Pages 69-74
Monica Drucker-Zertuche and Armen Stankov

Inflammation and Urothelial Bladder Cancer: What we Need to Known? (Review) - Pages 75-80
Tommaso Cai, Gabriella Nesi, Sandra Mazzoli, Francesca Meacci, Galliano Tinacci, Cesare Selli and Riccardo Bartoletti

Subacute Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration in an Advanced Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient: Case Report and Literature Review - Pages 81-85
Maria Fernanda Evangelista Simões, Clarissa Maria de Cerqueira Mathias, Oddone Freitas Melro Braghiroli and Eldsamira da Silva Mascarenhas Schettini Sobrinho

Open AccessIQGAP2 Displays Tumor Suppression Functions - Pages 86-93
Yanyun Xie, Anil Kapoor, Hao Peng, Jean-Claude Cutz, Lijian Tao and Damu Tang

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