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Journal of Analytical Oncology | Volume 4 Number 4

Journal of Analytical Oncology

Table of Contents

Volume 4 No. 4, 2015

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

General Articles

TCTP Silencing in Ovarian Cancer Cells Results in Actin Cytoskeleton Remodeling and Motility Increase - Pages 122-131
Yianzhu Liu, Li Zhang, Neelam Tejpal, Jacek Z. Kubiak, Rafik M. Ghobrial, Xian C. Li and Malgorzata Kloc

Standardized Extract of the Persian Gulf Sponge, Axinella Sinoxea Selectively Induces Apoptosis through Mitochondria in Human Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells - Pages 132-140
Ahmad Salimi, Mehrnoush Pir Saharkhiz, Abbasali Motallebi, Enayatollah Seydi, Ali Reza Mohseni, Melika Nazemi and Jalal Pourahmad

pH Monitoring of Tumor Microenvironment and Low Volume of Urine in Experimental Rats - Pages 141-144
Terezia Kiskova, Steffekova Zuzana, Karasova Martina and Kokosova Natalia

Special Issue

Epithelial – to - Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer

Neeti Neeti Sharma
(Guest Editor)
Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences
Symbiosis International University
Lavale, Pune - 412 115, India

Open AccessEditorial: Epithelial – to - Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer - Page 145
Neeti Sharma

Cancer Stem-Cell Related miRNAs: Novel Potential Targets for Metastatic Prostate Cancer - Pages 146-156
Anshika N. Singh, Anand P. Khandwekar and Neeti Sharma

Open AccessThe Role of the IGF Axis in Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition during the Progression of Prostate Cancer - Pages 157-170
Rehanna Mansor, Amit Bahl, Jeff Holly and Claire M. Perks

Open AccessNeuroendocrine Differentiation and Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Prostate Cancer: cAMP-Dependent Signaling as a Therapeutic Target - Pages 171-177
Charles E. Myers

Extracellular HSP90 in Cancer Invasion and Metastasis: From Translational Research to Clinical Prospects - Pages 178-190
Dimitra Thomaidou and Evangelia Patsavoudi

Open AccessCurrent Concepts and New Insights from Mouse Models of Mammary Tumors on Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition and its Synergy with Mutant p53 - Pages 191-206
A. Piersigilli, A. D. Borowsky, Q. Chen, N.E. Hubbard and R.D. Cardiff

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