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Journal of Analytical Oncology | Volume 5 Number 2

Journal of Analytical Oncology

Table of Contents

Volume 5 No. 2, 2016

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessOne-Cell Analysis as a Technique for True Single-Cell Analysis of Organelles in Breast Tumor and Adjacent Normal Tissue to Profile Fatty Acid Composition of Triglyceride Species - Pages 47-54
Jason S. Hamilton and Guido F. Verbeck

Vertebral Osteomyelitis as a Complication Following Transrectal Biopsy: Case Report and Literature Review - Pages 55-61
J.J. Tafalla-García, P. Salinas-Hernández, M.C. Fernández-Chacón and J.M. Cuervo- Rodríguez

Sono-Photodynamic Therapy with Photolon for Recurrence Glioblastoma Grade IV: Case Report and Review of Experimental Studies - Pages 62-66
D.A. Tzerkovsky, Yu.P. Istomin, T.P. Artemieva, Yu.N. Grachev and F.F. Borichevsky

Open AccessFrequency and Clinical Impact of KRAS Mutations in Patients with Colorectal Cancer from the Middle East - Pages 67-74
Jamal Zekri, Syed Mustafa Karim, Ahmed Al-Shehri, Mervat Mahrous, Tarek Darwish and Hani El Taani

Emerging Therapeutics for Radioiodide-Refractory Thyroid Cancer - Pages 75-86
Juan Pablo Nicola and Ana María Masini-Repiso

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