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Journal of Analytical Oncology | Volume 6 Number 1

Journal of Analytical Oncology

Table of Contents

Volume 6 No. 1, 2017

Comparison of Analytical Characteristics of Commercial and in-House Methods for DNA Isolation from Paraffin Histology Blocks - Pages 1-6
Natalya Oskina, Ashot Avdalyan, Dmitriy Subbotin, Alexandr Lazarev, Alexandr Kel, Nikolay Kushlinskii and Maxim Filipenko

Distribution of Breast Cancer Biomarkers by Age in Iran - Pages 7-13
Hassan Akbari, Farzad Taghizadeh Hesary and Laya Rahnar Nikoukar

Brachytherapy in Head and Neck Cancer: A Forgotten Art or a Skill to be Remembered!! - Pages 14-22
A.S. Kirthi Koushik and R.C. Alva

Angular Variation of Applicators in LDR-ICBT - Pages 23-29
A.S. Kirthi Koushik, Ram Alva, M.G. Janaki and Arul Ponni

Local Staging of Prostate Cancer Using Three Dimensional (3D) Transrectal Ultrasound Assisted with Power Doppler Capability - Pages 30-36
Ashraf Talaat Youssef

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