Journal of Cancer Research Updates

lincRNA HOTAIR as a Novel Promoter of Cancer Progression
Pages 134-140
Gregory Loewen, Ying Zhuo, Yan Zhuang, Janarthanan Jayawickramarajahand and Bin Shan


Published: 12 August 2014


Abstract: Large intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNA) regulate development and disease via interactions with their protein partners. Expression of the lincRNA HOX transcript antisense RNA (HOTAIR) is elevated in a variety of malignancies and linked to metastasis and poor prognosis. HOTAIR promotes proliferation, invasion, and metastasis in the preclinical studies of cancer through modulation of chromatin modifying complexes. In the current review we discuss the molecular mechanisms of HOTAIR-mediated aggressive phenotypes of cancer, HOTAIR’s potential in cancer intervention, and challenges in exploration of HOTAIR in cancer biology

Keywords: lincRNA, cancer, PRC2, EZH2, metastasis.
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