Vol 2 (2013)

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The Center Holds Quite Well: An Ethnographic Study of Social Structure and Control in Jehovah’s Witness Religious Organization PDF
Adam Trahan 1-9
The Effects of Legal and Extralegal Factors on Probation Revocation Decisions PDF
P.J. Verrecchia, Eric Ling 13-19
Inmate Tattoos and In-Prison and Post-Prison Violent Behavior PDF
William D. Bales, Thomas Blomberg, Kevin Waters 20-31
Toward an Understanding of Aggregate Death Penalty Opinion Change: A Possible Role for Popular Music PDF
Robert M. Bohm, Ray Surette 32-56
Why do they Keep Going Back? Exploring Women’s Discursive Experiences of Intimate Partner Abuse PDF
Sharon Hayes, Samantha Jeffries 57-71
Longitudinal Associations Between Bullying and Children’s Preference for Television Violence PDF
Panayiotis Stavrinides, Andriana Tsivitanou, Militsa Nikiforou, Veronica Hawa, Vasiliki Tsolia 72-78
Illicit Drug Use Initiation in the Nordic Countries PDF
Kim Moeller 79-86
Health Care Professionals: A Synthesis and Integration of Select Concepts and Theories in the Study of Mental Illness through the Society, Culture, Personality (SCP) Model PDF
Marcel Fredericks, Michael W.V. Ross, Bill Kondellas, Lam Hang, Janet Fredericks, Bernard Ward 87-96
Freezing Out the Mexican Cops: Bullying as Discrimination at the Police Workplace in Mexico City PDF
Gustavo Fondevila 97-108
Child Abuse: The Human Figure Drawing Test in Evaluating Minors PDF
Andrea Lisi, Stallone Valentina, Tomasino Maria Giovanna, Affatati Valeria, Ignazio Grattagliano 109-117
Incarcerated Foreign Minors in Italy: How to Treat them? PDF
Ignazio Grattagliano, Andrea Lisi, Ylenia Massaro, Valentina Stallone, Filippo Campobasso, Anna Cannito, Christian Signorile, Nicola Petruzzelli, Roberto Catanesi 118-128
Swedish Trends in Criminal Assaults against Minors since Banning Spanking, 1981-2010 PDF
Robert E. Larzelere, Taren Swindle, Byron R. Johnson 129-137
A Model for Spatially Varying Crime Rates in English Districts: The Effects of Social Capital, Fragmentation, Deprivation and Urbanicity PDF
Peter Douglas Congdon 138-152
Creative Adaptive Criminal Entrepreneurs from Africa and Human Trafficking in Belgium: Case Studies of Traffickers from Nigeria and Morocco PDF
Johan Leman, Stef Janssens 153-162
Brazilian Young Offenders: Profile and Risk Factors for Criminal Behavior PDF
Alex Eduardo Gallo 163-168
From Insult to Injury: How Disputes Begin and Escalate among Adolescents and Young Adults in Medellin, Colombia PDF
Luis F. Duque, Nilton E. Montoya 169-179
Radicalization and Terrorism: Research within the Australian Context PDF
Riyad Hosain Rahimullah, Stephen Larmar, Mohamad Abdalla 180-185
Crime, Street Vendors and the Historical Downtown in Post-Giuliani Mexico City PDF
Rodrigo Meneses Reyes 186-198
Who will Help in Situations of Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring Personal Attitudes and Bystander Behaviours PDF
Kathryn Lazarus, Tania Signal 199-209
Terrorist Use of Smuggling Tunnels PDF
Terrance G. Lichtenwald, Frank S. Perri 210-226
Estimating the Benefits of a Faith-Based Correctional Program PDF
Grant Duwe, Byron R. Johnson 227-239
Questioning Assumptions about Race, Social Class and Crime Portrayal: An Analysis of Ten Years of Law and Order PDF
Patricia Case 240-256
Cultural Contexts of Domestic and Juvenile Violence: A Cross-Cultural Perspective from Germany, Turkey and Norway PDF
Haci-Halil Uslucan 257-270
On Torture PDF
Liu Bingyu 271-277
Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ on me? A New Look at Police/Minority Contact PDF
Robert L. Werling, Patricia A. Cardner 278-290
Community Policing: Reinventing the Wheel? PDF
Robert R. Friedmann 291-293
The Preventive Detention of “Dangerous” Sex Offenders in Australia: Perspectives at the Coalface PDF
Patrick Keyzer, Bernadette McSherry 296-305
Who’s Getting Cited: Representation of Women and Non-White Scholars in Major American Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals Between 1986-2005 PDF
Bitna Kim, Paul M. Hawkins 306-321
Aging Prisoners: A Brief Report of Key Legal and Policy Dilemmas PDF
Israel Issi Doron, Helene Love 322-327
Press Reports about Causes of Juvenile Crime and Associated Claims in the German Press PDF
Frank Reichert 328-347
South Africa’s Adolescents in a Wired World PDF
Petro van der Merwe 348-361
Prisoners’ Round: Examining the Literature on Recreation and Exercise in Correctional Facilities PDF
Mallory A. Ambrose, Jeffrey W. Rosky 362-370
Police Reform in Thailand Post-2006 PDF
Krisanathong Poothakool, Tony Glendinning 371-384
Lithuanian Municipal Ethics Commissions against Corruption Outsets PDF
Algirdas Astrauskas, Dalia Paulauskaitė 385-396
Organized Crime in Brazilian Prisons: The Example of the PCC PDF
Camila Nunes Dias, Fernando Salla 397-408
Democracy in Progress in Contemporary Brazil: Corruption, Organized Crime, Violence and New Paths to the Rule of Law PDF
Sergio Adorno 409-425
Prosecutorial Discretion and the Death Penalty: An Integral Perspective PDF
Matthew T. Mangino, David R. Champion 426-437
Youth Justice and Education: A Typology of Educational Approaches to the Resocialisation of Young Offenders in Spain PDF
Felipe Morente Mejías, Inmaculada Barroso Benítez, Charlie Davison, Gillian Green 438-452
Predictors of Release from Guantánamo Bay and Detainee Recidivism PDF
Susan Fahey 453-468
Constructing the Military Hero PDF
Gray Cavender, Sarah Prior 469-480
Coping with Young Delinquents in Naples: an Approach in Clinical Sociology (between Foucault and Marcuse) PDF
Massimo Corsale 481-491
Gender Differences in Occupational Aspirations and Substance Use Among Adolescents PDF
Sampson Lee Blair, Melissa A. Menasco 492-506
When Do Legal Sanctions Produce Conformity? A Review of the Literature on the Interaction of Perceived Legal Risk with Stakes in Conformity PDF
Christopher P Rosbough 507-518
Paramilitary Policing In The Implementation of Police Departement Tasks : The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (POLRI) PDF
A. Josias Simon R 519-524
‘Notes on a Scandal’: Why do Females Engage in Abuse of Trust Behaviours? PDF
Andrea J. Darling, Georgios A. Antonopoulos 525-537
Using Open-Source Data to Study Bias Homicide Against Homeless Persons PDF
Jeff A. Gruenewald 538-549

Letter to Editor

Hostage/Crisis Negotiations: Lessons Learned from the Bad, the Mad, and the Sad PDF
Tom Mijares 294-295

Case Report

Incaprettamento: An Unusual Homicide by Ligature Strangulation PDF
Ignazio Grattagliano, Giuseppe Troccoli, Carmen Zelano, Roberto Catanesi 10-12

ISSN: 1929-4409