Vol 9 (2013)

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Storability and Chips Quality of Chemical Treated Potatoes under Ordinary Condition PDF
Ishwori P. Gautam, Moha D. Sharma, Bhim B. Khatri, Resham B. Thapa, Kanti Shrestha 1-10
Mineral Content in Dehydrated Mango Powder PDF
Mujahid Hussain Leghari, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, M.B. Kumbhar, A.F. Baloch 21-25
Grain Phytic Acid Accumulation of Domestic and Exotic Rice Genotypes in Zinc-Deficient Soil PDF
Nizamuddin Depar, Inayatullah Rajpar, Nabi Bux Sial, Muhammad Ibrahim Keerio 26-30
Black Watermelon Bug, Coridius viduatus (F.) (Heteroptera: Dinidoridae) in Hatay Region of Turkey PDF
Sener Tarla, Halit Yetisir, Gülcan Tarla 31-35
Estimation of Heterosis, Heterobeltiosis and Potence Ratio Over Environments Among Pre and Post Green Revolution Spring wheat in Pakistan PDF
Amarah Batool, Ijaz Rasool Noorka, Muhammad Afzal, Ali Hassan Syed 36-43
Quality Attributes of Different Immature Mango Varieties PDF
Mujahid Hussain Leghari, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Noor-un-nisa Memon, Aijaz Hussain Soomro, Aijaz A. Khooharo 52-56
Removal of Methylene Blue and Malachite Green Dye Using Different Form of Coconut Fibre as Absorbent PDF
Y. C. Wong, M.S.R. Senan, N.A. Atiqah 172-177
Determining of Climatic Parameters Using CFD in Different Window Span in Naturally Ventilated Greenhouses PDF Untitled ()
Ahmet Tezcan, Kenan Buyuktas 178-186
Socio-Economic Analysis of Soyabeanutilization in Akure South Local Government Area, Ondo State PDF
J.A. Folayan, J.O. Bifarin 236-242
Spatial Appraisal of the Impacts of Drought on Agricultural Patterns in Karachi PDF
Lubna Ghazal, Syed Jamil H. Kazmi, Sheeba Afsar 352-360
Detrimental Effects of Neem Seed on Different Life Stages of Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum PDF
Syeda Azra Tariq, Muhammad Farhanullah Khan, Habibullah Rana 468-472
Seasonal Variability of Trace and Heavy Metals Concentration in Groundwater and its Quality for Drinking and Irrigation Purpose under Phuleli Canal Command Area (Sindh), Pakistan PDF
Ashifa Soomro, Altaf Ali Siyal, Muhammad Saffar Mirjat, Nabi Bux Sial 550-561
Determination of Paraquat (Herbicide) Residue Level in Sandy Clay Loam Soil Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography PDF
Y. C. Wong, N. Norsyamimi, W.A. Wan-Amarina 566-577


Editorial: C-Reactive Protein: An Overview
Sandeep Kumar Vashist 496-499
Editorial: Botulinum Neurotoxin: Advances in Diagnostics and Healthcare Applications PDF
Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Gregory B. Stevens, Thomas van Oordt 562-565
Serine Proteinases Secreted by Two Isolates of the Fungus Alternaria solani PDF
Tatiana A. Valueva, Natalia N. Kudryavtseva, Ekaterina L. Gvozdeva, Alexis V. Sof’in, Natalia Yu. Il’ina, Marina A. Pobedinskaya, Sergei N. Elansky 105-115
Metabolic and Behavioral Effects of Serotonergic Antidepressants in Rats Exposed to Swim Endurance Stress PDF
Mehnaz Gitay, Samina Bano 269-275
Editorial: Rapidly Growing Importance of Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) in Diabetic Management PDF
Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Khalid Al-Rubeaan 337-340
Inhibition of Isorhamnetin on β-Catenin/Tcf Signaling and β-Catenin-Activated Melanogenesis PDF
Seyeon Park, Hana Choi, Yun Joo Kim 401-409
Identification of Calpain 10 Isoforms (b, d, e, f & h) Conserved Regions and Possible Functional Prophecy through Bioinformatics PDF
Kausar Saboohi, Samina Bano, Bushra Chaudhry 489-495
Obesity and CRP, Adiponectin, Leptin, and Lipid Profile in Saudi Arabian Adolescent Females PDF
Sawsan Hassan Mahassni, Rajaa Braik Sebaa 500-509
Biodegradation of Malachite Green by Extracellular Laccase Producing Bacillus thuringiensis RUN1 PDF
Olumide David Olukanni, Aliu Adenopo, Ayodeji O. Awotula, Akinniyi A. Osuntoki 543-549


The Importance of the Soil’s Occupation, of the Recovery and the Living Space of the Main Forest Species in the Sustainability of the Forest Areas of the Mountains of Dhaya and Mountains of Saïda (West Algeria) PDF
Abdelkrim Kefifa, Khéloufi Benabdeli 473-478


Mortality Responses of Spodoptera litura Following Feeding on BT- Sprayed Plants PDF
Saad A. AlOtaibi 195-215
Isolation and Identification of Plant Growth Promoting and Chromium Uptake Enhancing Bacteria from Soil Contaminated by Leather Tanning Industrial Waste PDF
Retno Rosariastuti, Irfan Dwidya Prijambada, N Ngadiman, Gani Sisca Prawidyarini, Angry Rosha Putri 243-251
Influence of the Growth Regulators Kinetin and 2,4-D on the Growth of Two Chlorophyte Microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis and Dunaliella salina PDF
Maria Filomena de Jesus Raposo, Rui Manuel Santos Costa de Morais 302-308
Protective Effect of Melatonin Against Malathion Induced Alterations in Antioxidant Defense System and Morphology of Erythrocytes in Wistar Rats PDF
G. K. Bhatti, I. P.S. Sidhu, J. S. Bhatti 438-446
Structural and Phylogenetic Profiles of Muscle Actins from Cephalopods PDF
Y. Ochiai, S. Watabe, G. Wang 606-614


Determination of Lead Acetate Effects on Heavy Weight Protein of Musca domestica PDF
Rizwanul Haq 286-290
Adverse Effect of Lead Acetate on Light Weight Protein of Bactrocera cucurbitae PDF
Rizwanul Haq, M. Farhan Ullah Khan, Ehtesham Ul Haq 291-295
Adverse Effects of Lead Acetate on Light Weight Protein of Bactrocera dorsalis PDF
Rizwanul Haq, M. Farhanullah Khan, Ehteshamul Haq 447-451


Thermodynamics of Synthesis of New Phenoxazine Derivatives PDF
V. José Cotuá, Sandra Cotes, Fernando Castro, Pedro Castro 16-20
Isolation of A New Sterol from Limonium stocksii and Antimicrobial Activities of Crude Extract PDF
Rahat A. Ali, Shaheen Inam, Shaista Perveen 116-119
Viscosity and Thermodynamic Properties of Alkali Metal Bromides in the Presence of Acetonitrile, 3-Hydroxypropionitrile and Acetonitrile + 3-Hydroxypropionitrile Mixture at Various Temperatures PDF
MS. Shama, Fahim Uddin, Tehseen Ahmed, Talat Zamir 133-150
Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Acid Mine Drainages onto Pig Bristles, Poultry Feathers and Crustacean Shells Industrial Biowastes PDF
Fernando I. Ramírez-Paredes, Teresa Manzano-Muñoz, Juan C. Garcia-Prieto, J. Felipe Bello-Estévez, Galina G. Zhadan, Valery L. Shnyrov, John F. Kennedy, Manuel G. Roig 510-524
Development and Validation of a RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Levofloxacin and Moxifloxacin in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms PDF
Farjahan Nur, Asma Rahman, Md. Zakir Sultan, Md. Gias Uddin, Mohammad A. Rashid, Amir Hassan, Mansoor Ahmed 633-638

Computer Sciences

A Quantitative Analysis of Firewall Impact on Critical Data Communication PDF
Minhaj Ahmad Khan 11-15


Intelligent Decision Making Technique for Marketing Using Hypothetical Database and Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Method PDF
Fareed Ahmad, Ansar A. Khan, B. Mahmood, H. Shamsul 44-51
Time-Splitting Chebyshev-Spectral Method for the Schrödinger Equation in the Semiclassical Regime with Zero Far-Field Boundary Conditions PDF
Hongsheng Wang, Yushan Ni, Junwan Li 60-68
The Suitability of Seashell, Animal Bone and Sodium Carbonate as Energizers in Case Carburization of Mild Steel PDF
O. S. Fatoba, M.A. Bodude, O.L. Akanji, I.O. Adamson, S.C. Agwuncha 578-586

Environmental Sciences

Health Impacts of PM10 Using AirQ2.2.3 Model in Makkah PDF
T.M. Habeebullah 259-268
Remapping Hydroecoregion Boundaries: A Proposal for Improving the Base of the Running Water Monitoring Procedures PDF
Lorenzo Traversetti, Alessandro Manfrin, Massimiliano Scalici 533-537
Delineation of Water Logging and Salinity for Salvaging Built Environment PDF
Rao Ati, Mohammed Raza Mehdi, Sheeba Afsar 592-605
Using Vapor Generation Equipment to Create Artificial Rain: The Design and Function of a New System PDF
Hideyo Murakami


Differentially Expressed Proteins of Soybean (Glycine max) Pulvinus in Light and Dark Conditions PDF
Hakme Lee, Wesley M. Garrett, Joe H. Sullivan, Irwin Forseth, Savithiry Natarajan 157-171
Analysis of Soybean Embryonic Axis Proteins by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry PDF
Savithiry S. Natarajan, Hari B. Krishnan, Farooq Khan, Xi Chen, Wesley M. Garrett, Dilip Lakshman 302-308
Proteomic Analysis of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry PDF
Savithiry S. Natarajan, M.A. Pastor-Corrales, Farooq H. Khan, Wesley M. Garrett 424-437


Comparative Study of Temperature and Rainfall Fluctuation in Hunza-Nagar District PDF
Sheeba Afsar, Nasir Abbas, Bulbul Jan 151-156
Quest of Urban Growth Monitoring from Myth to Reality PDF
Sheeba Afsar, Syed Jamil Hassan Kazmi, Sumaiya Bano 222-230
Assessment the Quality of Life in Karachi City through the Integration of Space and Spatial Technologies PDF
Sheeba Afsar, Syed Shahid Ali, Syed Jamil Hassan Kazmi 373-388
Changing Spatial Patterns of Agriculture in the Punjab Province and the Food Sustainability PDF
Syed Shahid Ali 389-400
Ex Post Impacts of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project on Cropping Pattern in D.I. Khan district, Pakistan PDF
Atta- Ur- Rahman, Amir Nawaz Khan 452-467
Spatial Framework for the Assessment of Road Traffic Accidents in Karachi PDF
Salman Zubair, Syed Jamil Hasan Kazmi 525-532


Seasonal Variations in Wave Energy and the Changing Beach Characteristics: A Case Study of Beaches of Karachi PDF
Syed Shahid Ali, Sheeba Afsar 361-367


Two Integral Operators Defined with Bessel Functions on the Class N(β) PDF
Nicoleta Ularu 57-59
Developing a Mathematical Model to Assess the Liveablity in Blighted Mega City PDF
M. Arif Hussain, Syed Ghayasuddin, Shaheen Abbas, M. Rashid Kamal Ansari 190-194
Capital Estimation: Theory and US-Japan Comparative Study PDF
Eric Iksoon Im, Tam Bang Vu 216-221

Medical Sciences

Easy and Effective Endoscopic Retrieval of Ingested Sharp Foreign Bodies PDF
Leiming Xu, Chao Huang, Chunying Qu, Yi Zhang, Min Zhou, Ying Chen 87-90
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease PDF
Aashfa Hassan Shaikh, Sabeen Aatif, Tanweer Ahmed 333-336
Effect of Digoxin on the Color Vision Disorder, A Case-Control Study PDF
Toba Kazemi, Mohammad Hossein Davari, Hanie Afrazande 479-482

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Comparison of Hepatic Parameters Following Administration of Antihypertensive, Hypolipidemic and Hypoglycemic Drugs PDF
Afshan Siddiq, Rafeeq Alam Khan, Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui 82-86
Efficacy of Metronidazole in Combination with Amoxicillin and Doxycycline in Adult Periodontitis PDF
Sarah Moideen, Rafeeq Alam Khan, Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui 99-104
Formulation Development and Evaluation of Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets by Direct Compression Method PDF
Sadia Mehrban, Fouzia Hassan, Syed Muhammad Farid Hasan, Fozia Israr, Sabahat Jabeen, Naheed Haque 231-235
Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antitumor Activities of Wrightia arborea PDF
Ronok Zahan, Laizuman Nahar, Ashik Mosaddik, Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Amir Hassan, Mansoor Ahmed 625-632


Fundamental Problems of Internal Gravity Waves Dynamics in Ocean PDF
Vitaly V. Bulatov, Yury V. Vladimirov 69-81
Impact of Different Pollutant Sources on Human Health Using Solid Aerosol’s Elemental Analysis PDF
Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Khadim Hussain, Ahmad Raza 91-98
Identification of Organic Compounds in Solid Aerosols Related to Faisalabad Environment Using XRD Technique PDF
Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Khadim Hussain, Ahmad Raza 120-132
Radiation Exposure to Nuclear Medicine Technologists During Different Diagnostic Techniques PDF
Areeb Fatima, Taqmeem Hussain, Sumera Perveen, Arfa Mubashir, Humera Noreen 187-189
Cost Effective Deposition of Aluminium Oxide Layers PDF
I.A. Khan, A. Rashid, A. Fatima, M.A.K. Shahid, T.H. Bokhari, R. Ahmad 252-258
Design and Development of Efficient Domestic Electric Cum Solar Oven PDF
Aamir Shahzad, Teyyiba Kanwal, Mao-Gang He 296-301
Dielectric Spectroscopy of Composites of Epoxy Resin PDF
Fareeda Farrukh Fareeda Farrukh, Shahid H. Zaidi 348-351
Cost-Effective Micro Programmable Logic Controller for System Automation PDF
Aamir Shahzad, Qamar ul Islam, Shaheen Akhtar, Mao-Gang He 368-372
Determination of Angstrom Coefficients for Masvingo and Makoholi Stations, Zimbabwe PDF
Brain Mapurisa, Luckwell Seyitini 410-415
Radiation Induced Decoloration of Reactive Dye in PVA Films for Film Dosimetry PDF
Shaheen Akhtar, Taqmeem Hussain, Aamir Shahzad, Qamar -ul- Islam, Muhammad Yousuf Hussain, Nasim Akhtar 416-419
The Feasibility of Reactive Dye in PVA Films as High Dosimeter PDF
Shaheen Akhtar, Taqmeem Hussain, Aamir Shahzad, Qamar -ul- Islam 420-423
Investigating Explorative Character of Ozone Layer Depletion Between Pakistan and China: A Comparative Regional Study PDF
M. Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai, Bulbul Jan, M. Rashid Kamal Ansari 483-488
Efficacy of Non-Linear Approach in the Study of Ozone Layer Depletion PDF
M. Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai, M. Rashid Kamal Ansari, Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Faisal Ahmed Khan Afridi 587-591


Digestive Discomforts and Effect of Ingested Food in People Performing Hajj PDF
Osama A. Shaikh-Omar, Eslam A. Header, Hassan M. Bukhari 341-347

Veterinary Sciences

Ractopamine for Pigs: A Review about Nutritional Requirements PDF
Aloízio Soares Ferreira, Gregório Murilo de Oliveira Júnior, Francisco Carlos de Oliveira Silva, Rita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira, Edney Pereira da Silva 276-285
Intake of Some Biological Seeds and Root Extracts of Plants Improves Fertility and Hatchability of Turkey Eggs PDF
Ndubuisi S. Machebe, Simeon O. Ugwu, C.S. Atu, Ndofor-Foleng H. Mbunwen 538-542

ISSN: 1927-5129