Vol 10 (2014)

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Removal of Pesticide Residues from Tomato and its Products PDF
Aasia Akber Panhwar, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Aijaz Hussain Soomro, Ghulam Hussain Abro 559-565
Feeding Potential of Menochilus sexmaculatus (Fabricius) Against Sucking Insect Pests PDF
Aslam Bukero, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani, Ghulam Hussain Abro, Abdul Mubeen Lodhi 554-558
An Assessment of Wheat Procurement Issues in Jafferabad District of Balochistan PDF
Parvez A. Rind, Abdul Latif Bhutto, Rafique A. Chandio, Khalid N. Panhwar, Aijaz A. Khooharo 537-542
Role of Mass Media in Dissemination of Agricultural Technology among the Farmers of Jaffarabad District of Balochistan PDF
Inayatullah Memon, Khalid N. Panhwar, Rafique A. Chandio, Abdul Latif Bhutto, Aijaz A. Khooharo 525-531
Sewage Sludge Compost as Potting Media Component for ivy Pelargonium (Pelargonium peltatum (L.) L’Her.) Production PDF
Agnieszka Zawadzińska, Piotr Salachna 519-524
Optimization of Ornithogalum Saundersiae Baker Propagation by Twin Scale Cuttings with the Use of Biopolymers PDF
Salachna Piotr, Zawadzińska Agnieszka 514-518
Effects of Gamma Radiation on Mature Larvae of Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) and their F1 Progeny PDF
S. Shahzad Ali, Huma Rizwana, S. Sohail Ahmad, Imran Hassan, S. Shahbaz Ali 504-508
Effect of Application of Micronutrients on Spotted Bollworm Earias vittella (Fabricius), Infestation and Yield Components in Cotton Crop PDF
S. Shahzad Ali, G. H. Abro, M. A. Rustamani, Shafi Mohammad Nizamani 449-454
Residue Removal of Pesticides from Brinjal Using Different Processing Methods PDF
Aasia Akbar Panhwar, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh Sheikh, Aijaz Hussain Soomro, Ghulam Hussain Abro 431-438
Genetic Retrospect of Seedcotton Yield and its Components from a 6-Parent Gossypium hirsutum Diallel Cross Under Water Stress Conditions PDF
Munaiza Baloch, Bashir Ahmad Ansari, Moula Bux Kumbhar, Muhammad Ibrahim Keerio 110 - 123
Influence of Rootstocks (Gisela 5, Gisela 6, MaxMa, SL 64) on Performance of ‘0900 Ziraat’ Sweet Cherry PDF
Erdal Ağlar, Kenan Yıldız 60-66
Effect of Biofertilizer Addition on Nitrous Oxide Emission PDF
Endah Retnaningrum, Irfan D. Prijambada, Sukarti Moeljopawiro, Budi S. Daryono 44-52


3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane-Based Bioanalytical Procedures for Potential In Vitro Diagnostics PDF
Sandeep Kumar Vashist 469-474
Depression: An Insight and Need for Personalized Psychological Stress Monitoring and Management PDF
Sandeep Kumar Vashist, E. Marion Schneider 177-182
Gender Differences in Nicotine Induced Dyslipidemia and Hyperglycemia in Mice PDF
Samina Bano, Shabana Saeed 33-38


Land Cover Dynamics in Beni Chougrane Mountains, North West of Algeria, Using Remote Sensing PDF
Tayeb Si Tayeb, Benabdeli Kheloufi 257-266


Continuous Ethanol Fermentation in Immersed, Cross-Flow Microfiltration Membrane Bioreactor with Cell Retention PDF
Olga Radočaj, Levente L. Diosady 543-553
Attentional Strategies During Rowing PDF
D. Longman, J. C. Hutchinson, J. T. Stock, J. C. Wells 321-331
Propagation of Blue Honeysuckles (Lonicera caerulea L.) in In Vitro Culture PDF
Krupa-Małkiewicz Marcelina, Ochmian Ireneusz 164-169
Review on Some Malaysian Traditional Medicinal Plants with Therapeutic Properties PDF
Ali Alsarhan, Naznin Sultana, Ahed Al-Khatib, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir 149-159
Micropropagation of the Halophyte Sarcocornia fruticosa (L.) A. J. Scott PDF
Maria Filomena de Jesus Raposo, Rui Manuel Santos Costa de Morais 53-59
Production and Partial Purification of Amylase By Aspergillus niger Isolated from Cassava Peel PDF
A. K. Lawal, A. M. Banjoko, S. O. Olatope, F. A. Alebiosu, F. A. Orji, Y. L. Suberu, E. E. Itoandon, K. A. Shittu, O. D. Adelaja, E. Ojo, E. N. Dike, G. N. Elemo 287-291


Studies on Chemical Constituents of Caesalpinia bonduc L. Roxb PDF
Sarah Mobasher, Sumayya Saied, Shaista Naz, Juhi Khan 419-421
Grafting of Cellulose Extracted from Kenaf Using Xanthate Method PDF
Sherif M.A.S. Keshk 339-343
Biosortion of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Chemically Modified Okra Powder PDF
Joelington do C. Conceição, Victor Hugo S. Ramos, Edilson de Jesus, Antônio Santos Silva, Antônio Wilson M. de C. Costa 73-79
Isolation of a New Steroidal Glycoalkaloid from Solanum xanthocarpum PDF
Parveen Fazil, Rahat Azhar Ali 28-32


Concurrent Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Estimation with Attitude Control Based on Magnetometer, Gyro, and GPS Measurements through Extended Kalman Filter PDF
Tamer Mekky Ahmed Habib 461-468

Environmental Sciences

Detecting Intraspecific Character Displacement by Morphological Markers in Riverine-Dwelling Invertebrate Larvae: The Case Study of Head Shape Variability in Leuctra fusca (Plecoptera: Leuctridae) PDF
Raffaella Bravi, Lorenzo Lorenzo, Massimiliano Scalici 317-320


Monitoring and Measuring Surface Water in Semi-Arid Environment Using Satellite Data: A Case Study of Karachi PDF
Lubna Ghazal, Syed Jamil H. Kazmi 484-491
Spatio-Temporal Transformation in Agricultural Land-Use Pattern in Karachi Using Geo-Spatial Techniques: A Case Study along West Bank of Malir River PDF
Anila Kausar, Khalida Mahmood, Razzaq Ahmed 414-418
A Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Green Turtle Habitat at Hawkes Bay, Karachi through Geo-Informatics Techniques PDF
Farheen Khanum, Syed Jamil H. Kazmi, Saima Shaikh 377-383
Seasonal and Spatial Growth Patterns of Shrimps Collected from Some Selected Creeks of Sindh, Pakistan PDF
Faiza Sarwar, Jamil Kazmi 366-376
Agricultural Productivity in Balochistan Province of Pakistan A Geographical Analysis PDF
Ghulam Murtaza Safi, Muhammad Sohail Gadiwala, Farkhunda Burke, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Fahad Baqa 292-298
Socio-Agricultural Correlation and Regionalization: A Case of the Districts of Pakistan PDF
Razzaq Ahmed, Khalida Mahmood, Anila Kausar 7-19


Capacity of the Nearby Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Red for the Prediction of some Properties of Burned Soils in a Semi-Arid Area of Western Algeria PDF
Borsali Amine Habib, Bénabdéli Khéloufi, Gros Raphaël 332-338
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Hab River Water, Baluchistan, Pakistan PDF
Rakhshanda Sadaf, S. Jamil Kazmi, Sofia Khalique Alvi 271-286
Geoelectrical Investigations at Three Bridge Sites, North Nyala, Southern Darfour State, West-Sudan PDF
E.A. Elzein Mohammed 80-90


A Piece of Paper and a Pair of Scissors PDF
Claudiu Mihai, Christine Rakowski 428-430
Modeling Nontraumatic Aneurysm Evolution, Growth and Rupture PDF
Tor A. Kwembe, Ashley M. Sanders 393-413
An Analytical Solution to Heat Equation PDF
Ion Riza, Marius Constantin Popescu 267-270
Fractal Functions of Discontinuous Approximation PDF
M. A. Navascués 173-176
A Weak form of Hadwiger's Conjecture PDF
Dominic van der Zypen 170-172
The Impact of Technology in Mathematics Education: A Case Study of Pakistan PDF
M. Arif Hussain, Mujeeb Ahmed Khan, Shaheen Abbas, M. Ilyas, Bulbul Jan, M. Rashid Kamal Ansari 67-72
Reformulation of Adams-Moulton Block Methods as a Sub-Class of Two Step Runge-Kutta Method PDF
Udaya Collins Okechukwu 20-27


Effect of Stocking Density on the Survival Rate and Growth Performance in Penaeus monodon PDF
S. Sugathan, C. Shakir, A. P. Lipton, A. Manilal, J. Selvin 231-238
Parasite Inspection in Five Commercially Important Oyster Species (Mollusca: Bivalvia) of Pakistan PDF
Nuzhat Afsar, Ghazala Siddiqui, David Roberts 220-225

Medical Sciences

Mental Health Status in Patients with Fibromyalgia PDF
Sousan Kolahi, Ali Fakhari, Mehrzad Hajaliloo, Alireza Khabbazi, Sahar Hassanzadeh Dizaj, Mahdi Hemati 509-513
The Role of Fermented Milk Containing Probiotic, Dandelion as Prebiotic or their Combination on Serum Metabolites, Enzymes, Testosterone and Testicular Histopathology of Arsenic-Intoxicated Male Rats PDF
Mona A. Al-Damegh, Moustafa M. Zeitoun, Ahmed M. Abdel-Salam 492-503
Medical and Clinical Pathology Pre-Screening Visit and Enrolment Seasonal Variability in Healthy Volunteers PDF
Yahya Murad, Zaher A. Radi 422-427
ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Efficacy of C1-C2 Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glide (SNAG) Versus Posterior Anterior Vertebral Mobilization (PAVMs) in the Management of Cervicogenic Headache PDF
Muhammad Khan, Syed Shahzad Ali, Rabail Rani Soomro 226-230
Reduction of Pain and Depression in Occlusal Splint-Based Treatment for TMD is Accompanied with Increase in Urinary Serotonin PDF
J. Oliveira, M. B. Nunes, R. Brito 183-188
Role of Tissue Specific Plantar Fascia Stretching Exercises Versus Myofascial Released Technique in Chronic Plantar Fasciitis PDF
Muhammad Khan, Syed Shahzad Ali, Rabail Rani Soomro 91-95
A Survey of the Relationship Between Serum Cholesterol and Triglyceride to Glaucoma: A Case Control Study PDF
Mohammad Hossein Davari, Toba Kazemi, Azame Rezai 39-43
PB1-F2 Amino Acids Regulate Influenza A Viral Polymerase Activity PDF
Yumi Ueda, Motoko Tanaka, Yukihiro Kyan, Mitsutaka Yoshida, Kenji Sasahara, Kyoko Shinya 1-6

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Investigation of α-Cellulose Content of Sugarcane Scrappings and Bagasse as Tablet Disintegrant PDF
Bakre Lateef Gbenga, Odumala Fatimah Fatimah 142-148
Chemical Investigation of Mesua nagassarium (Burm. f.) Kosterm PDF
Ridwan Islam, Iftekhar Ahmed, Al Sikder, Mohammad Rashedul Haque, Abdullah Al-Mansur, Mansoor Ahmed, Munawar Rasheed, Mohammad A. Rashid 124-128


Techniques to Identify and Test PCB Faults with Proposed Solution PDF
Ambreen Insaf, Mirza Salman Baig, Zeeshan Alam Nayyar, Mirza Aman Baig 532-536
Dielectric Properties of Filled Composites of Epoxy Resin PDF
Fareeda Farrukh, Shahid H. Zaidi 455-460
Satellite Image Identification of Wind Channels to Delineate Wind Energy Generation Sites in Pakistan PDF
Zeeshan Alam Nayyar, Nayyer Alam Zaigham 344-348


Assessment of Floristic, Microbial Composition and Growth of Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst Ex A. Rich) in Soil from Two Dumpsites in Benin City, Nigeria PDF
G.C. Mgbeze, J.O. Osazee 357-365
Investigation for Pu-Erh Tea Contamination Caused by Mycotoxins in a Tea Market in Guangzhou PDF
Jin-Yin Wu, Guang-Yu Yang, Jian-Ling Chen, Wen-Xue Li, Jun-Tao Li, Chuan-Xi Fu, Gao-Feng Jiang, Wei Zhu 349-356
Autonomic Dysfunction in Asian Indian T2DM Patients is Related to Body Fat Content Instead of Insulin Resistance: A DEXA Study PDF
Poonam Punjabi, Prashant Mathur, R.C. Gupta, Itisha Mathur, Jyoti Thanvi, Deepak Gupta, Sandeep Mathur 212-219
The Proliferation and Migration-Enhancing Effects of Vitronectin in SMMC 7721 Cells: A Pilot Study PDF
Wei Zhu, WenXue Li, Guangyu Yang, Chuanxi Fu, Konghe Hu, Jianling Chen, Qiansheng Hu 205-211


Factors Determining Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) among Low Income Women: Focus Group Findings from Rural, Urban, and Peri-Urban Women Groups in Lilongwe District-Malawi PDF
Marisen Mwale 306-316
Neglect is a Spatial Failure of Alerting Mechanisms Required for Awareness: An ERP Study PDF
Heikki Hämäläinen, Myoung Soo Kwon, Arja Lindell, Maarit Jalas, Jutta Torsti, Olli Tenovuo 239-256
Identifying Coping Profiles and Profile Differences in Role Engagement and Subjective Well-Bein PDF
Saija Mauno, Marika Rantanen, Asko Tolvanen 189-204
Effect of Dexmedetomidine-Induced Sleep Balance Treatment on the Chronic Refractory Primary Insomnia Patients PDF
Ma Guo-Zhong, Jiang Xiao-Jiang, Xu Zhi-Qiang, Lang Ying, Guo Heng-Jiang, Liu Ya-Zheng, Zhong Dai-Qu, Wang Rong-Hu, Li Xu-Jun, Chen Ni-Ka, Li Fa-Guo, Feng Zheng-Quan 102-109
Neglect is a Spatial Failure of Alerting Mechanisms Required for Awareness: An ERP Study PDF
Heikki Hämäläinen, Myoung Soo Kwon, Arja Lindell, Maarit Jalas, Jutta Torsti, Olli Tenovuo 239-256
The Role of Nutrients in a Dietary Intervention in Improving Blood Cholesterol Profile and Lowering Cardiovascular Risk PDF
Augusto Innocenti, Ferdinando Franzoni, Carlo Pruneti 96-101
Dreams, Shrines and Mystic Sufi in Palestine PDF
Aref Abu-Rabia 129-141


Methods of Measurement System Quality Assessment in Case of Two Devices PDF
Krzysztof Kowal, Michał Szymczak 475-483

Veterinary Sciences

Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Pathogenic Bacterial Isolates From Diseased Clarias gariepinus From Selected Ibadan And Ikorodu Farms PDF
Nkechi C. Okere, A. Olubusola Odeniyi, K. Olanike Adeyemo 439-448
Effect of Cellulytic Enzyme Supplementation (Extracted from Chatomium thermophyle) on Production Performance and Economic Appraisal in Aged Layers Using High Fiber Diets PDF
Atia Bahseer, A. Haq, I. Zahoor 387-392
Effect of Age on Production Performance, Egg Geometry and Quality Traits of Lakha Variety of Aseel Chicken in Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Usman, Atia Bashir, Muhammad Akram, Imran Zahoor, Athar Mahmud 384-386
Bacterial Load and Antimicrobial Profile of Escherichia coli and Listeria spp. Isolates from Muscle Tissues of Slaughtered Cattle at a Major Abattoir in Ibadan, South-Western Nigeria PDF
Victoria O. Adetunji, Hezekiah K. Adesokan, Charity A. Agada, Tajudeen O. Isola 299-305
A Comparative Study of Production Performance and Egg Quality Parameters of Naked-Neck and Indigenous Aseel Chicken of Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Usman, A. Basheer, M. Akram, I. Zahoor 160-163

ISSN: 1927-5129