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Vol 12 (2016) Comparative Study on Growth and Conformation of Male Teddy Kids under Two Management Systems Abstract
Huma Rizwana, Najeeb Ullah Lail, Muhammad Haroon Baloch, Rani Abro, Syed Shehzad Ali Bukhari, Muhammad Naeem, Nasir Rajput, Faizan Shahani, Shahid Abro, Gulfam Ali Mughal, Ahmed Nawaz Tunio, Pershotum Khatri, Riaz Ahmed Lagari
Vol 13 (2017) Comparative Study on Water Holding Capacity (WHC) of Broiler and Layer Meat Abstract   PDF
Majid Saleem, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Depeesh Kumar, Raza Ali Mangi, Lokesh Kumar, Kabir Ahmed, Anees Memon, Zafar Khoso, Muhammad Amjad Jakhro
Vol 11 (2015) Comparative Toxicities of Hydrastis Canadensis L., Berberis aristata DC. and Achillea millefolium L. Against Brine Shrimps (Artemia salina) Using Dosage Mortality Curve: A Probit Approach Abstract   PDF
Mahwish Ahmed Karim, Ghazala H. Rizwani, Afaq Ahmed Sidddiqui, Muhammad Farhanullah Khan
Vol 13 (2017) Comparing the Early Stage Carbon Sequestration Rates and Effects on Soil Physico-Chemical Properties after Two Years of Planting Agroforestry Trees Abstract   PDF
M. Farrakh Nawaz, Komal Mazhar, Sadaf Gul, Irfan Ahmad, Ghulam Yasin, M. Asif, Muhammad Tanvir
Vol 14 (2018) Comparison of Foliar Verses Soil Application of Micronutrients on the Production of Wheat (Triticum aestivum. L) Crop. Abstract   PDF
Arshad Ali Kaleri, Mukesh Kumar Soothar, Barkat Ali, Saeed Ahmed, Aurang Zaib, Abdul Jabbar Chandio, , Feroz Gul Nizamani, Ayaz Ali Pahnwar
Vol 9 (2013) Comparison of Hepatic Parameters Following Administration of Antihypertensive, Hypolipidemic and Hypoglycemic Drugs Abstract   PDF
Afshan Siddiq, Rafeeq Alam Khan, Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui
Vol 13 (2017) Comparison of Stapler, Single Layer and Double Layer Techniques for Colon Closure in Dogs Abstract   PDF
Amir Nawas Khan, Allah Bux Kachiwal, Shahla Karim Baloch, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Khalid Hussain Khan, Muhammad Zib, Faisal Noor Qureshi, Ghulam Murtaza Mari, Muhammad Saleem Pahnwar, Rashid Ali Shah, Rashid Ali Shah, Abdullah Marri
Vol 13 (2017) Comparison of Vicryl, Dexon and Intestinal Stapler for the Closure of Colon in Dogs Abstract   PDF
Khalid Hussain Khan, Allah Bux Kachiwal, Shahla Karim Baloch, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Amir Nawas Khan, Mujahid Ali Shah, Gulam Murtaza Mari, Mehran Ali Baloch, Nawaz Sharif, Sajid Ali Umrani, Muhammad Zeb
Vol 11 (2015) Comparison of Wind Energy Potential for Coastal Locations: Pasni and Gwadar Abstract   PDF
Junaid K. Khan, Muhammad Shoaib, Zaheer Uddin, Imran Ahmad Siddiqui, Asim Aijaz, Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Ehtesham Hussain
Vol 12 (2016) Comparison of Wind Potential of Ormara and Jiwani (Balochistan), Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Tariq Jamil, G.S. Akram Ali Shah
Vol 13 (2017) Comprehension and Intuition of the Sixth Sense Technology: A Survey Based Case Study of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
S. Akhter Raza, Ahmer Umer
Vol 10 (2014) Concurrent Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Estimation with Attitude Control Based on Magnetometer, Gyro, and GPS Measurements through Extended Kalman Filter Abstract   PDF
Tamer Mekky Ahmed Habib
Vol 10 (2014) Continuous ethanol fermentation in immersed, cross-flow microfiltration membrane bioreactor with cell retention Abstract   PDF
Olga Radocaj
Vol 10 (2014) Continuous Ethanol Fermentation in Immersed, Cross-Flow Microfiltration Membrane Bioreactor with Cell Retention Abstract   PDF
Olga Radočaj, Levente L. Diosady
Vol 11 (2015) Contribution of Self and Others’ Emotions to Quality Performance: Effect of Their Use and Regulation Abstract
Jamil Ahmad, Maryam Saeed Hashmi
Vol 13 (2017) Correlation Estimates between Carcass Traits of Nili Ravi and Kundhi Buffalo Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Siddiq Zardari, Hubdar Ali Kaleri, Rameez Raja Kaleri, Asma Kaleri, Abdul Kabir, Syed Ramazan Shah, Tahir Niaz, Azhar Hussain Kaleri, Amjad Jakhro
Vol 14 (2018) Correlation Structure of Solar Radio Bursts in Accordance with Solar Activity Abstract   PDF
Saifuddin Ahmed Jilani, Sana Wajih
Vol 9 (2013) Cost Effective Deposition of Aluminium Oxide Layers Abstract   PDF
I.A. Khan, A. Rashid, A. Fatima, M.A.K. Shahid, T.H. Bokhari, R. Ahmad
Vol 9 (2013) Cost-Effective Micro Programmable Logic Controller for System Automation Abstract   PDF
Aamir Shahzad, Qamar ul Islam, Shaheen Akhtar, Mao-Gang He
Vol 11 (2015) Cu2+-Citrate Dimer Complexes in Aqueous Solutions Abstract   PDF   Suppl
Yahia Z. Hamada, Robin Cox, Hasan Hamada
Vol 12 (2016) Cyclic Voltammetry of Trazodone as [piperazin-1-yl] Antidepressant Drug and Bovine Serum Albumin Binding Abstract   PDF
Iffat Azeem, Shaikh Mohiuddin, Arooj Fatima
Vol 11 (2015) Cytotoxicity Induction in A549 Alveolar Epithelial Cells by Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates Cultured in the Presence and Absence of Oxygen Abstract   PDF   SP File
Olubisi T. Ashiru, Willem Sturm
Vol 9 (2013) Delineation of Water Logging and Salinity for Salvaging Built Environment Abstract   PDF
Rao Ati, Mohammed Raza Mehdi, Sheeba Afsar
Vol 11 (2015) Demarcation of Right of Way (ROW) and Re-Installation of Damaged Markers of Transmission Pipeline in Balochistan, Pakistan through Geomatics Technologies: A Case Study of Zarghun to Quetta High Pressure Natural Gas Supply Abstract   PDF
Zawwar Hussain, Syed Ali Asad Naqvi, Syed Jamil H. Kazmi, Syed Ali Naqi, Muhammad Haneef, Farina Zulfi
Vol 11 (2015) Demographic and Anthropometric Variables Related to Longevity: Results from a Greek Centenarians’ Study Abstract   PDF
Christina Darviri, Panagiotis Pelekasis, Michael Galanakis, Xanthi Tigani
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