Tea and Cancer Prevention

Xingcai Zhang


Cancer remains one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century, therefore anti-cancer drugs and their delivery systems are under developing for better treatment. Tea is the amazing gift nature offered to us with great health benefits. Tea polyphenols especially EGCG and Theoflavins have widely been studied and expected to be a very promising nature polyphenol for the prevention of cancer, cardiology disease, aging, weight control etc. Here “Dr. Tea” summarized the past studies about tea and cancer prevention, through the chemical composition, structure, epidemiologic study and mechanism analysis. And based on the epidemiologic study results, a layer-by-layer multi-functional drug delivery system and synergy studies based on our past scientific working experience had been proposed for future tea and cancer research. A “Healthy, Harmony, Pure & Nature” tea-style of living is proposed for all human-beings towards a better living “self” and a better society.


Tea, cancer prevention, Bohea Tea, polyphenol, drug delivery system, synergy, layer-by-layer, multi-functional, tea-style, “Dr. Tea”, Healthy, Harmony, Pure and Nature.

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ISSN: 1929-2279