Developmental Profiling - The Tool of Choice to Measure Deficit, Plan Intervention and Monitor Outcome in Children with Developmental Disabilities

Prathibha Karanth, Tanya Dash, Tanushree Saxena-Chandhok


This article highlights the transition from a more traditional IQ measure to a profile based approach of assessment, in children with developmental disabilities. Clinically, developmental disorders are heterogeneous conditions, which have made uniformity of assessments across settings, centers and countries elusive. A decade ago, intelligence tests were given priority for assessing children. However, IQ scores had little direct bearing for the planning of intervention. This article highlights an assessment tool that, not only provides a quick understanding of the child’s overall skill across eight essential developmental domains, but also offers guidance for intervention planning on the basis of assessment.


Developmental disorder, IQ assessment, Profile based assessment, Early intervention, Communication DEALL Developmental Checklist (CDDC).

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ISSN: 2292-2598