Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Contents

General Articles

Quantified Observations of Sensory Processing (QOSP): Resource Tool for Screening Sensory Processing Difficulties in Preschoolers
Moushami S. Kadkol 1-11
Quality of Life and its Determinants in Preschool Children with Down Syndrome
M.E. Weijerman, P.E.M. van Schie, M.J.M. Volman, A.M. van Furth, R.J.B.J. Gemke 12-20
Everyday Life Situations of School-Aged Children with Severe Disabilities: What are the Goals for the Future? An Exploratory Study PDF
Margareta Adolfsson, Christina Westerberg, Kerstin Möller 21-32
Cognitive Algebra Underlying Special Education Teachers’ and Psychology Students’ Attitudes Towards School Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disability PDF
Guadalupe Elizabeth Morales, Ernesto Octavio Lopez, María Guadalupe Villarreal- Treviño, Emily Samantha Montalvo, Yanko Norberto Mezquita-Hoyos, Marcela Estefania Castro-Sanchez 33-41
Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Diagnoses of Children and Adolescents with a History of Stressful Events and Social Deprivation in Brazil: Preliminary Results. IQ, Depression and Stress PDF
Paula Approbato de Oliveira, Carolina Fuentes Moreira, Sandra Scivoletto, Cristiana Castanho de Almeida Rocca, Daniel Fuentes, Paulo Jannuzzi Cunha 42-45
Assessment of Vitamin D Supplementation in People with Intellectual Disability PDF
Ramón Zabalza, Iñaki Múgica, Fernando Sistiaga, Adolfo Garrido, José Ignacio Emparanza, Paul Zubillaga 46-53
Use of a Brief Screening Tool to Assess Intellectual Functioning in a Forensic Population
Andrew Donohue, Jack Samuels, Robert Thompson, Clarence Watson, Gerard Gallucci 54-58
Living Conditions in Retirement Homes in the Czech Republic and Austria from Seniors’ Point of View
L. Maťhová, P. Formánková 59-67
Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Protocol for Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF SP File
Janet L. Dodd, Lauren K. Franke, Jeanette K. Grzesik, Jenna Stoskopf 68-82

ISSN: 2292-2598