Vol 3, No 2 (2015)

Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Contents

Special Issue - Intellectual Developmental Disability Biobanking (IDDB)

Editorial PDF
Natália Oliva-Teles 49-50
Frozen in Translation: Biobanks as a Tool for Cancer Research
Ana Teresa Martins, Isa Carneiro, Sara Monteiro-Reis, João Lobo, Ana Luís, Carmen Jerónimo, Rui Henrique 51-62
The Role of Biobanks in Oncology Research – A Portuguese Perspective
Mónica Gomes, Ana Luísa Teixeira, Ana Coelho, Rui Medeiros, António Araújo 63-69
Intellectual Developmental Disability Bio-Banking: Public Support from the European Union
Carlos Moedas 70-75

General Articles

Exercise as Therapy: Health and Well-Being
Trevor Archer 76-81
Incidence of Anxiety in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Rivka Green, Jennifer Kalina, Krupa Pandey 82-86
Strategies for Effective Management of Intellectually Disabled Patients on the Psychiatric Inpatient Unit
Luisa Gonzalez, Ifeoma Nwugbana, Rahulkumar Patel, Marissa Lombardo, Panagiota Korenis 87-90
Weight Loss Intervention in Young Adults with Severe Learning Disabilities: The Additive Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (a Pilot Study)
Nachum Vaisman, Rachel Regev, Lior Katalan, Yael Duani 91-96
Medical Evaluation of Children with Intellectual Disability: Clinician Compliance with Published Guidelines PDF
Alexis Tchaconas, Andrew Adesman 97-109
A Discussion of the Treatment of People with an Intellectual Disability Across Healthcare and the Modernization of Learning Disability Nursing
Pamela Inglis, Hazel Powell, Angela Ridley, Sheila McQueen 110-119

ISSN: 2292-2598