Vol 1, No 2 (2013)

Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Contents

General Articles

Individual and Social Model of Intellectual Disability in Teachers’ and Students’ Beliefs
Monika Parchomiuk 85-95
Adoption of Integrated forms of Support for Family-Provided Care of Senior Citizens in a Selected Location in the Czech Republic
Petra Formánková, Lenka Maťhová 96-102
Comparison of Executive Functions in School Children Aged 7 to 12 Years in a State of Malnutrition Due to Thinness, Risk of Thinness and a Control Group of an Educational Institution of the Locality of Ciudad Bolívar- Bogotá, D.C.
D.M. Rivera-Oliveros, L.M. Rico-Navarro, M.R. Acosta-Barreto 103-112
Dysgraphia in Relation to Cognitive Performance in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease PDF
Emanuela Onofri, Marco Mercuri, MariaLucia Salesi, Salvatore Ferrara, Giulia Maria Troili, Claudio Simeone, Max Rapp Ricciardi, Serafino Ricci, Trevor Archer 113-124

ISSN: 2292-2598