Transport of Ions and Solvent Through a Nafion Membrane Modified with Polypyrrole

Feina Xu, Mostèfa Kameche, christophe Innocent


The Nafion®117 membrane was modified chemically, using a conducting polymer pyrrole. The oxidants ferric chloride (PPy-Fe), hydrogen peroxide (PPy-O) and ammonium persulfate (PPy-S) were used to carry out the polymerization in the membrane both in aqueous and organic media. The Nafion® modified in the presence of the N-méthylformamide increases the transport of alkali and heavy metal cations and reduces considerably the transport of methanol both in diffusion and electro-osmosis. Therefore, the modified Nafion® membrane can be used successfully in electrodialysis of electrolyte solutions in both aqueous and hydro-organic media and may be regarded as a good material to use in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells.


Polymerisation, Polypyrrole, Nafion®, Transport, Metal Cation, Methanol

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ISSN: 1929-6037