Journal of Reviews on Global Economics

Journal of Reviews on Global Economics publishes peer reviewed papers covering a range of topics in theoretical, applied and empirical research across the entire field of economics. It includes reviews on topics covering micro / macroeconomics, money and economic policies.

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Vol 6 (2017)

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Modeling of the Aerial Capacity through a Leontief Production Function: The Case of Tunisian Airports PDF
Harizi Besma, Harizi Riadh, M' raïhi Rafaa 98-104
Sustainable Development as a Macro-Regional Goal PDF
Donatella Porrini, Fabrizio Striani 87-97
A Theory of Currency Unions and Equity Price Shocks PDF
Christopher E.S. Warburton 68-86
Theravada Buddhism and Thai Luxury Fashion Consumption PDF
Michael McAleer 58-67
Defining the Role of Competition in the Airport Industry: A Critical Assessment PDF
Michael L. Polemis, Aikaterina Oikonomou 42-57
Financial Development, Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria PDF
Umar Bida Ndako 33-41
Market Efficiency in the MENA Equity Markets: Evidence from Newly Developed Tests and Regime Change PDF
Ata Assaf Ata Assaf, Husni Charif 15-32
Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Transmission in Turkey in the Inflation Targeting Regime PDF
Arzu Tay Bayramoglu, Larry Allen 1-14

ISSN: 1929-7092