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Journal of Reviews on Global Economics publishes peer reviewed papers covering a range of topics in theoretical, applied and empirical research across the entire field of economics. It includes reviews on topics covering micro / macroeconomics, money and economic policies.

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Vol 5 (2016)

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Special Issues | Economic Growth and Convergence: Analyses for the Mexican States

EDITORIAL: Economic Growth and Convergence: Analyses for the Mexican States PDF
Vicente German-Soto i-ii
The Long-Run Relationship among Health and Income in Mexico, 1940-2011 PDF
Vicente German-Soto, Martha Elena Fuentes Castillo 131-144
An Exploration of Regional Labor Productivity Patterns of Manufacturing SMEs in Mexico PDF
Miguel Flores, Roldán Andrés-Rosales, Amado Villarreal 116-130
Testing for Pro-Poorness of Growth through the Tax System: The Mexican Case PDF
Luis Huesca, Linda Llamas 101-115
Spatial Interaction Regional Model for the Mexican Economy (SIRMME): A Special Case for Mexico City Metropolitan Area PDF
Miguel Ángel Mendoza-González, Marcos Valdivia-López, Luis Quintana-Romero 84-100
Inequality and Spatial Convergence in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, 1989-2010 PDF
Luis Quintana-Romero, Jaime A. Prudencio-Vázquez, Carlos Salas Páez 69-83
Pair-Wise Approach to Test the Regional Convergence Hypothesis in Mexico PDF
Domingo Rodríguez-Benavides, José Carlos Trejo García, Miguel Ángel Mendoza González 59-68
Is the Economic Convergence of the Mexican States Possible? Estimates for the 1940-2013 Period PDF
Mario Camberos C. Mario Camberos C., Joaquín Bracamontes N. 48-58
Testing Stochastic Convergence among Mexican States: A Polynomial Regression Analysis PDF
Vicente German-Soto, Natalia Salazar Garza 36-47


Analyzing the Synchronization between the Financial and Business Cycles in Turkey PDF
Cüneyt Akar 25-35
Zakat and Accounting Valuation Model PDF
Essia Ries Ahmed, Ku Halim Bin Aiffin, Tariq Tawfeeq Yousif Alabdullah, Ahmed Zuqebah 16-24
Fiscal Policy and Economic Performance: A Review PDF
George E. Halkos, Epameinondas Α. Paizanos 1-15

ISSN: 1929-7092