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Journal of Reviews on Global Economics publishes peer reviewed papers covering a range of topics in theoretical, applied and empirical research across the entire field of economics. It includes reviews on topics covering micro / macroeconomics, money and economic policies.

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Vol 7 (2018)

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Editorial PDF
Peter Brusov i-v
Rating: New Approach PDF
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova, N.P. Orekhova, V.L. Kulik 37-62
Rating Methodology: New Look and New Horizons PDF
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova, N.P. Orekhova, V.L. Kulik 63-87
A "Golden Age" of the Companies: Conditions of Its Existence PDF
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova, N.P. Orekhova, V.L. Kulik 88-103
New Meaningful Effects in Modern Capital Structure Theory PDF
Peter Brusov, Tatiana Filatova, Natali Orekhova, Veniamin Kulik, Irwin Weil 104-122
BFO Theory Principles and New Opportunities for Company Value and Risk Management PDF
Sergey V. Laptev 123-128
Analysis of the Telecommunication Companies’ Capital and its Structure Optimization PDF
Filonova Elena Sergeevna 129-137
The Impact of Cash Flows and Weighted Average Cost of Capital to Enterprise Value in the Oil and Gas Sector PDF
Zhukov Pavel 138-145
Optimization of the Formation of the Capital Structure of the Insurance Company, Taking into Account the National Specifics of Insurance PDF
Irina V. Sukhorukova, Natalia A. Chistiakova 146-151
Inflation and Cash PDF
Vladimir A. Popov 152-156


Minimum Wage and Unemployment: An Empirical Study on OECD Countries PDF
Chong Uk Kim, Gieyoung Lim 1-9
The Impact of Falling Crude Oil Price on Financial Markets of Advanced East Asian Countries PDF
Mirzosaid Sultonov 10-20
The Effect of Tax System on Shareholder Decisions when Choosing a Accounting Principles PDF
Hisham Noori Hussain AL- Hashimy 21-27
Economic Integration and Stock Market Comovement: An Empirical Study Pairing Pakistan’s Stock Exchange with 21 other Markets PDF
Raheel Gohar, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Habib Ahmad 28-36
Optimal Taxation and Economic Growth in Tunisia: Short and Long Run Analysis PDF
Terzi Chokri, El Ammari Anis, Bouchrika Ali 157-164
Computational Facilities and Web-Resources: Case Study of Large Private University with Fast-Growing Clients PDF
Srikanta Charana Das, Rabi N. Subudhi, Arun Kumar Patra 165-173
Labor-Use Efficiency in Saudi Manufacturing Sectors PDF
Ali Saggay, Asma Raies 174-185
Internet and Consumer behaviour in Travel and Tourism: A European Cross-National Analysis PDF
Julio Navío-Marco, Luis Manuel Ruiz-Gómez, Claudia Sevilla-Sevilla 186-194
Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Intent: A Cross-Country Comparison of Generation Y University Students PDF
Esther Marire, Manilall Dhurup 195-206
Contribution of Organizational Learning and Market Orientation on Business Unit Performance Mediated by Job Satisfaction at Dairy Cattle Milk Cooperatives in East Java, Indonesia PDF
Salim Al Idrus, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Abdussakir Abdussakir 207-216
Pros and Cons of the Impact Factor in a Rapidly Changing Digital World PDF
Michael McAleer, , 280-296
Investigation of Household Debt through Multilevel Multivariate Analysis: Case of a Developing Country PDF
Wajiha Haq, Noor Azina Ismail, NurulHuda Mohd Satar 297-316
Factors Influencing the Intentions of Non-Muslims in India to Accept Islamic Finance as an Alternative Financial System PDF
Hasnan Baber 317-323
Call Timing of Callable Non-Convertible Bonds: A Survival Analysis PDF
Jung Bum Wee, Keunkwan Ryu, Ki Beom Binh 324-336
The Effect of Transparency Policies on Shadow Economy: Measurement and Evidence from Korea PDF
Ki Beom Binh, Myung-Ho Park, Seokjin Woo 337-344
Brics’ Foreign Debt Burden and its Impact on Core Institutional Basis PDF
Ravil Gabdullaevich Akhmadeev, Olga Alekseevna Bykanova, Tatiana Borisovna Turishcheva 345-359

Special Issue: Governance, Income Inequality, and Happiness

The Impact of Governance on Income Inequality in Ten Asian Countries PDF
Chiung-Ju Huang, Yuan-Hong Ho 217-224
Can Stronger Family Connections Alleviate the Adverse Effects of Unemployment on Happiness? Evidence from Asian Countries PDF
Li-Hsuan Huang 225-245
The Impacts of Working Conditions and Employee Competences of Fresh Graduates on Job Expertise, Salary and Job Satisfaction PDF
Jui-Min Hsiao, Da-Sen Lin 246-259
The Effects of Leisure Agricultural Experience Activities on Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Different Tourist Styles in Taiwan PDF
Biing-Wen Huang, Yu-Chen Yang 260-268
Evaluation Indicators and Development Strategies of Agricultural Revitalization for Rural Rejuvenation PDF
Biing-Wen Huang, Yu-Chen Yang 269-279

ISSN: 1929-7092