Electromagnetic Modeling of Dielectric Mixtures

Luigi La Spada, Renato Iovine, Lucio Vegni


Electromagnetic modeling of dielectric materials allows us to study the effects of electromagnetic wave propagation and how such electromagnetic fields influence and interact with them.

Dielectric materials are composites or mixtures, which often are made up of at least two constituents or phases. Modelling the electromagnetic behaviour of dielectric mixtures is crucial to understand how geometrical factors (shape and concentration), electromagnetic properties of inclusions and background medium, influence the permittivity of the overall material.

The aim of this work is to develop new analytical models for dielectric mixtures, in order to describe their electromagnetic behaviour and design them with desired electromagnetic properties, for specific required applications. In particular, in this paper a new general expression for the effective permittivity of dielectric mixture is presented. The mixtures consist of inclusions, with arbitrary shapes, embedded in a surrounding dielectric environment. We consider the hosting environment and the hosted material as real dielectrics, both of them as dispersive dielectrics.

The proposed analytical models simplify practical design tasks for dielectric mixtures and allow us to understand their physical phenomena and electromagnetic behaviours.


Analytical models, dielectric mixtures, effective permittivity, dispersive models, polymers

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ISSN: 1929-5995