Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

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Editorial: Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites
Sérgio Roberto Montoro 1
Manufacturing and Characterization of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) Reinforced with Treated Sugarcane Bagasse
Kelly Cristina Coelho de Carvalho Benini, Herman Jacobus Voorwald, Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi 2-11
Degradability of Epoxy/Sisal Fiber Composites via Simulated Soil
C.F. Bandeira, S.R. Montoro, S.T. Faria, P.R.S. Moreira, A.C.C. Pereira, L.F. Oliveira, A.C. Milanese 12-16
Featuring High Impact Polystyrene Composites Strengthened with Green Coconut Fiber Developed for Automotive Industry Application
Gilmara Brandão Pereira, Glayce Cassaro Pereira, Márcio Lima, Brunno Jesus, Ezequiel de Andrade Silva, Kelly Cristina Carvalho Benini, Cirlene Bandeira, Sérgio Roberto Montoro 17-20
Analysis of Stress Concentration Factor for Tensile Characteristics of Syntactic Foam Using Finite Element Method
Zulzamri Salleh, Md Mainul Islam, Jayantha Ananda Epaarachchi 21-32

ISSN: 1929-5995