Dynamic Behavior and Management Strategy of Hybrid Wind/Fuel Cell System

A. Meharrar, M. M. Hatti, M. Tioursi, T. Benmessaoud


Abstract: hybrid generation system is considered as a solution for the uncontrolled energy production from such dispersed sources as wind generation. In this paper, modeling and control of wind/FC system is proposed. Dynamics models for the main system components, namely, wind energy conversion system (WECS), fuel cell, electrolyses, power electronic interfacing circuits, hydrogen storage tank and ultra-capacitor are developed. Also, a variable speed wind generation maximum power point tracking (MPPT) based on Adaptative Neuro-Fuzzy Inference system (ANFIS) is presented. Based on the dynamic component model, a simulation model for the proposed hybrid energy system has been developed using Matlab/Simulink and the power flows management strategy are proposed. The result shows that this system can tolerate the rapid changes in wind speed and/or power demand. This results shows also that, the overall power management strategy is effective and the power flows among the different energy sources and the load demand is balanced successfully.


Dynamic, Management, Wind power, Fuel cell, Ultra-capacitor, Hybrid power generation, ANFIS

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ISSN: 1929-6002