A Feedback Linearization Based Nonlinear Control Approach for Variable Speed Wind Turbines

Afef Fekih, Abdullah Al Shehri


Abstract: This paper describes the design and implementation of a nonlinear control strategy for the control of the shaft speed of wind turbine systems. The proposed approach is based on input-output linearization techniques. Because wind turbine systems are highly nonlinear, feedback linearization constitutes a suitable optimal control design for those systems. Further, Electromechanical systems in general are good candidates for nonlinear control applications because the nonlinearities, being modeled on the basis of physical principles, are often significant and exactly known.

The underlying design objective is to endow the wind turbine with high performance dynamics while maximizing power extraction when the wind turbine operates in the partial load regime. In addition to fulfilling the aforementioned control objectives, our control design aims to reduce the complexity of the control scheme, saving thereby the computation time of the control algorithm, which is an improvement over previous work found in the technical literature.

Application of the proposed approach to an induction generator based variable speed wind turbine has led to optimum operations and maximization of power extraction when the wind turbine operates in the partial load regime.



Wind turbine, feedback linearization, induction motors, variable speed.

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ISSN: 1929-6002