Vol 2, No 2 (2013)


Table of Contents


Automatic Versus Manual Solar Panel Cleaning for Remote Locations
Lisa Ann Lamont, Lana El Chaar 98-105
Design and Techno-Economical Optimization of Wind Turbine Generator System: Under Diverse Metrological Conditions
Marangi S. Mbogho, Michael J. Saulo 106-114
Nanoporous Silicon-Based Direct Hydrochloric Acid Fuel Cells
T.D. Dzhafarov, S. AydinYuksel 115-118
Energy Analysis of Small-Scale Ethanol Production from Cassava: A Case Study of the Cassakero Project in Nigeria
Elijah I. Ohimain 119-129
Study of Biodiesel Production from Sunflower Oil Using Non Usual Basic Polymeric Resin as Catalyst
Viviane Fernandes da Silva, Luiz Claudio de Santa Maria, Lenise V.F. Goncalves, Mauricio G. Fonseca, Luciano N. Batista 130-138
Stability Analysis and Optimal State Feedback Control of Back-to- Back Converter
Fattah Hassanzadeh, Amin Hajizadeh, Fazel Abbasi 139-144
In Vitro Micropropagation of Jatropha curcas L. from Bud Aggregates PDF
Samson Daudet Medza Mve, Guy Mergeai, Philippe Druart, Jean Pierre Baudoin, André Toussaint 145-154
Private Sector Investment on Renewable Energy Utilization in Developing Countries
Alireza Aslani 155-164
Multi-Segment Foam Flow Field in Ambient Pressure Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Chih-Kai Cheng, Ting-Chu Jao, Pei-Hung Chi, Che-Jung Hsu, Fang-Bor Weng, Ay Su, Tsao Heng 165-172
Statistical Modeling for Enhanced Xylanase Production by Fusarium oxysporum SS-25 via Solid State Fermentation of Brewer’s Spent Grain
Susheel Singh Rana, Chetna Janveja, Sanjeev Kumar Soni 173-185
Kitchen Waste Residues as Potential Renewable Biomass Resources for the Production of Multiple Fungal Carbohydrases and Second Generation Bioethanol
Chetna Janveja, Susheel Singh Rana, Sanjeev Kumar Soni 186-200

ISSN: 1929-6002