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The Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling exists primarily for the publication of significant new experimental measurements and theoretical modeling on electrolyte and nonelectrolyte solutions of manufacturing, environmental and pharmaceutical importance. Experimental measurements include thermodynamic and physical properties, acoustic properties, transport properties and phenomena, and phase equilibrium data, including solubility measurements involving organic pollutants and potential medicinal compounds. The journal welcomes theoretical papers dealing with the correlation and prediction of physical, transport, acoustic and thermodynamic properties of liquid mixtures.

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Vol. 11 (2022)
Published: 2022-02-21

Conference Proceedings: II International Scientific Conference "Actual aspects of electrochemistry, corrosion protection and ecology" in memory of Honoured Fellow of Sci. & Tech. of Russian Federation Prof. V.I. Vigdorovich Tambov State Tech. Univ.

Nanomaterials and Composites in Electrochemical Processes

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