Lindley Approximation Technique for the Parameters of Lomax Distribution


  • Afaq Ahmad 1Department of Mathematics, Islamic University of Science & Technology, Awantipoora, Jammu and Kashmir
  • Kawsar Fatima Department of Statistics, University of Kashmir, Srinagar
  • S.P. Ahmad Department of Statistics, University of Kashmir, Srinagar



Lomax distribution, Bayesian Estimation, Prior, Loss functions, Lindley’s Approximation.


The present study is concerned with the estimation of shape and scale parameter of Lomax distribution using Bayesian approximation techniques (Lindley’s Approximation). Different priors viz gamma, exponential and Levy priors are used to obtain the Bayes estimates of parameters of Lomax distributions under Lindley approximation technique. For comparing the efficiency of the obtained results a simulation study is carried out using R-software.


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Ahmad, A., Fatima, K., & Ahmad, S. (2017). Lindley Approximation Technique for the Parameters of Lomax Distribution. International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research, 6(4), 162–168.



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