Effect of Post Heated TiN Coating on Pitting Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steel


  • Cheng-Hsun Hsu Department of Materials Engineering, Tatung University
  • Hong-Tsair Liu Department of Materials Engineering, Tatung University
  • Wei-Che Huang Department of Materials Engineering, Tatung University
  • Meng-Ru Lin Department of Materials Engineering, Tatung University




Cathodic arc deposition, TiN film, 316L stainless steel, Post-heating, Pitting corrosion


This study used cathodic arc deposition technique to coat TiN film on 316L austenitic stainless steel, and then the coated specimens were heat-treated at the different temperatures. Observation of coating morphology and corrosion tests were conducted for exploring the effect of post-heating temperature on composition, microstructure, and corrosion behavior of the coatings. The results showed when the heating temperature was up to the range of 500-600 oC, a Ti-N-O mixed film consisting of the two TiO2 and TiN phases was formed on the outer layer. Particular, the film heated at 500 oC had a dense structure as well as homogeneous chemical composition. Such the result could effectively inhibit pitting corrosion of 316L stainless steel in 3.5 wt% NaCl and 10 vol% HCl solutions.


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