Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

The journal aims to describe the research work on Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment in children and adults. It covers not just the technical aspects of these procedures both in prenatal, newborn and postnatal screening, but also the impact which the process of testing and treatment has on individuals, parents, families and public-health in general. The journal seeks to publish, but is a not restricted to, genetic Intellectual Disability syndromes, using a range of approaches from medicine, psychiatry, psychology, pharmacy, biology, epidemiology, bio-informatics, biopharmaceutical to association and population studies as well as sociological, ethical, philosophical, legal and quality control issues with the ultimate goal of advancing the knowledge on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the Intellectual Disabilities.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

General Articles

Feasibility of a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Examining Interventions for Abused Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
Toshihiro Horiguchi 1-8
Robust Screening and Cascade Testing for Fragile X Expansions in a Large Multigenerational Family Identify Many Affected Individuals: An Experience in the Remote Area of Indonesia
Agustini Utari, Kirin Basuta, Tri Indah Winarni, Joyce Lo, Guadalupe Mendoza Morales, Sultana M.H. Faradz, Flora Tassone 9-15
Comparison of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Reducing Depression symptoms and Increasing Happiness of Iranian adolescent Girl Students
Forough Talaeizadeh 16-24
The Role of Impulsive Behavior in Predicting the Emotional/ Behavioral Problems of Adults with Intellectual Disability
Ghorban Hemati Alamdarloo, Fatemeh Soosan Jabbari, Alizamen Moulaee Arpanahi, Marziyeh Gholami 25-32
Emotional Burnout: Prevalence Rate and Symptoms in Different Socio-Professional Groups
Vitalii Y. Bocheliuk, Nataliia Y. Zavatska, Yuliia O. Bokhonkova, Marianna V. Toba, Nikita S. Panov 33-40
Professional Factors of the Occurrence of Emotional Burnout Syndrome
Karakat M. Nagymzhanova, Ryskeldy A. Aykenova, Bakhytkul U. Baikhozhaeva, Aliya M. Suguralieva, Nina V. Vlasova 41-51
Development of Creative Potential of Pupils with Mixed Specific Developmental Disorders
Yuliya P. Zhilova, Eva Мaria Kulesza, Zhamila I. Namazbayeva, Lyudmila N. Likhodedova, Viktoriya V. Bezhina 52-59
Psychological Meaning of Photography in the Frame of Personality’s Life Course
Alexina Li, Zhanat Baktybayev, Gulnar Ospanova, Mariya Koishibayeva, Kymbat Kanapiyanova 60-68
The Development of the Digital Identification Instrument for Children with Learning Disabilities using Decision Support System (DSS
Dewi Sri Rejeki, Mahardika Supratiwi, Subagya Subagya, Erma Kumalasari 69-75
Current Problems of Modern Organization of Career Guidance for Students with Special Educational Needs at University
Toxanbayeva Nurgul, Ungarbayeva Shynar, Smatova Klara Begalievna, Sadykova Nazira, Sailinova Karlygash, Ayazbaeva Beibit, Zhubanazarova Nazirash, Naubaeva Hapiza 87-93

ISSN: 2292-2598