Vol 4 (2015)


Table of Contents


Wagner or Keynes for Ghana? Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Dynamics. A ‘VAR’ Approach PDF
Kofi Kamasa Kofi Kamasa, Grace Ofori-Abebrese 177-183
International Investor Sentiment and Emerging Equity Markets in Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Magdalena Sokalska 165-176
Examining the Asymmetric Behavior across the Phases of Capacity Utilization Rates in Turkey PDF
Ismail Onur Baycan 159-164
Does Capital Account Liberalization Affect the Financial Stability: Evidence from China PDF
Yuanyuan Shen Yuanyuan Shen, Lu Yang 152-158
The Fall of Oil Prices and Changes in the Dynamic Relationship between the Stock Markets of Russia and Kazakhstan PDF
Mirzosaid Sultonov 147-151
Revising Fiscal Policy and Growth in Saudi Arabia PDF
Janelle Mann, Peter Sephton 139-146
Microcredit and Poverty: When Microcredit Works and When It Doesn’t PDF
M.G. Quibria 126-138
Bibliometric Rankings of Journals Based on the Thomson Reuters Citations Database PDF
Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer 120-125
Disproportionality and Business Cycle from Tugan-Baranovskij to Spiethoff PDF
Carmelo Ferlito 108-119
Intervalling-Effect Bias and Competition Policy PDF
Panagiotis N. Fotis, Victoria Pekka-Oikonomou, Michael L. Polemis 96-107
Modern Theory of Capital Cost and Capital Structure by Brusov–Filatova–Orekhova (BFO Theory) for Companies, which Ceased to Exist at the Time Moment n
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova, N.P. Orekhova, M.A. Eskindarov, V.L. Kulik 87-95
Convergence of Health Expenditure in OECD Countries: Evidence from a Nonlinear Asymmetric Heterogeneous Panel Unit Root Test PDF
Didem Pekkurnaz 76-86
Trickle-Down Technology and Screening of a Durable Goods Monopolist PDF
Su-Chen Huang, Shih-Ti Yu, Woody Chih-Yi Chi, Wen-Ben Yang 69-75
Global Macroeconomic Performance: A Comparative Study Based on Composite Scores PDF
Somnath Chattopadhyay, Suchismita Bose 51-68
Are the Hot IPOs Still Relevant? Evidence from China’s Growth Enterprise Market PDF
Lu Yang, Huimin Zhang, Shigeyuki Hamori 43-50
The Golden Age of the Company: (Three Colors of Company's Time) PDF
Peter N. Brusov, Tatiana Filatova, Natali Orehova, Veniamin Kulik 21-42
Turnover Premium, Foreign Institutional Ownership, and Time-Varying Risk Premium in Taiwan Equity Markets PDF
Ying-Jen Chen, Jen-Sin Lee 8-20
Corruption and Economic Growth: A South Korean Study PDF
Chong-Uk Kim, Gieyoung Lim 1-7

Special Issue - Hayek, Keynes and the Crisis: Analyses and Remedies. An Introduction

Early Macro Divergence from Micro: Keynes vs Hayek, Fisher and Friedman PDF
Max Gillman 268-280
Editorial: Hayek, Keynes and the Crisis: Analyses and Remedies. An Introduction PDF
Carmelo Ferlito 184-185
Ludwig M. Lachmann Against the Cambridge School PDF
Carmelo Ferlito 251-267
Homoclinic Bifurcation and Endogenous Cycles in the Dynamic IS-LM Model PDF
Giovanni Bella 242-250
Target Capital Structure Determinants and Speed of Adjustment Analysis to Address the Keynes-Hayek Debate PDF
André Getzmann André Getzmann, Sebastian Lang Sebastian Lang, Klaus Spremann Klaus Spremann 225-241
Hayek’s Hidden Critique of The General Theory PDF
David Sanz, Juan Morillo 212-224
Financial Fragility and Central Bank: Are Minsky’s Crisis and Austrian Business Cycle are Complementary? PDF
François Facchini 205-211
Economic Growth and Financial Instability: The Ideas of Hayek and Keynes PDF
Noemi Levy Orlik 192-204
Capital Theory, Crises, and Business Cycles: The Triangular Debate between Hayek, Keynes, and Sraffa PDF
Heinz D. Kurz 186-191

ISSN: 1929-7092