Vol 1 (2012)


Table of Contents


How Volatile is ENSO for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Global Economy? PDF
Lan-Fen Chu, Michael McAleer, Chi-Chung Chen 1-12
Child Survival and Policy Options in Kenya: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys PDF
Jane Kabubo-Mariara, Margaret M. Karienyeh, Francis M. Kabubo 13-26
Public Debt Sustainability: The Case of Greece PDF
Stefanos Tantos 27-40
Real Oil Prices, Real Economic Activity, Real Interest Rates, and the US Dollar: A Cointegration Analysis with Structural Breaks PDF
Go Tamakoshi, Shigeyuki Hamori 41-46
The Economic Impact of High Consequence Zoonotic Pathogens: Why Preparing for these is a Wicked Problem PDF
Gay Y. Miller, Katie Parent 47-61
Study of the Tail Dependence Structure in Global Financial Markets Using Extreme Value Theory PDF
Jian Wu, Zhengjun Zhang, Yong Zhao 62-81
Interaction Effects in Probit Models, Reinterpreting the Impact of Education on Attitudes Towards Immigrants and Free-Trade PDF
Natalia Melgar 82-88
Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in China PDF
Ping Hua 89-105
Hidden Global Causes of the Global Financial Crisis PDF
Peter Brusov, Tatiana Filatova, Mukhadin Eskindarov, Natali Orekhova 106-111
Stochastic National Income PDF
Taoyuan Wei 112-123
Assessing the Impact of Dairy Policies on Farm-Level Profits in Dairy Farms in Bangladesh: Benchmarking for Rural Livelihoods Improvement Policy PDF
M.M. Uddin, M.N. Sultana, B. Bruermer, K.J. Peters 124-138
Economic Openness and Growth in China and India: A Comparative Study PDF
Fengbao Yin, Shigeyuki Hamori 139-149
Successive Oligopolies in a Pure Exchange Economy PDF
Somdeb Lahiri 150-156
Rationales and Instruments for Public Innovation Policies PDF
Tuomas Takalo 157-167
Political Influence on German Banking Supervision and Its Impact on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Survey Data PDF
Mario Jovanović 168-176

ISSN: 1929-7092