First Issue launched - International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

IJCHN LogoOctober 5, 2012 : Lifescience Global launches the first issue of the International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition . The objective of this journal is to disseminate research findings and to attract quantitative and qualitative research papers relevant to individuals and institutions from all disciplines working in child health and nutrition including researchers, policymakers, sponsors, healthcare providers and non-governmental organizations.The journal is edited by Prof. Silvia Kaufmann .

International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition intends to bring together scientists and implementing bodies to discuss the current evidence and future requirements for global, regional and national child health and nutrition.

The journal publishes review articles that highlight the significance of recent research in nutrition and illustrate the central role of nutrition in the promotion of health and prevention of nutrition-related diseases in children like osteoporosis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, HIV and other chronic diseases. It also focuses on studies of nutrient - gene interactions, bioavailability of minerals, malnutrition, health, diet & nutrition, nutritional status and general nutrition & dietetics in children.

The first issue of the journal carries the below articles:

 A Theoretical Proposal for a Perceptually Driven, Food-Based Disgust that Can Influence Food Acceptance During Early Childhood - Pages 1-10
Steven D. Brown and Gillian Harris

Open Access Nutrient Contribution of the Dinner Meal Consumed by Low-Income Minority Preschool Children - Pages 11-22
Carol E. O’Neil, Theresa A. Nicklas, Sheryl O. Hughes and Yan Liu

Open Access Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Hypertension and Sleep in the Child - Pages 23-27
Jun Kohyama

Open Access What I say isn’t always what I do: Investigating differences in children’s reported and actual snack food preferences - Pages 28-38
Sandra C. Jones, Lisa Kervin, Samantha Reis and Parri Gregory

Nutritional Risk Screening Tools in Hospitalised Children - Pages 39-43
Vesal Moeeni and Andrew S. Day

Open Access Do Childhood Cancer Survivors Meet the Diet and Physical Activity Guidelines? A Review of Guidelines and Literature - Pages 44-58
Fang Fang Zhang, Edward Saltzman, Aviva Must and Susan K. Parsons

Open Access Childhood Hearing Loss in the Developing World - Pages 59-65
Claudine Störbeck

Do all Pediatric Urine Specimens Need to Go to the Laboratory? - Pages 66-71
Syed Rehan Ali, Shakeel Ahmed, Sobia Nizami and Maqbool Qadir

Rejection of Known and Previously Accepted Foods During Early Childhood: An Extension of the Neophobic Response? - Pages 72-81
Steven D. Brown and Gillian Harris

Open Access Moyamoya Disease, a Rare Cause of Recurrent Strokes in an African Sickle Cell Child: Does hydroxyurea have a Role in this Context? - Pages 82-85
A. Makubi, D. Soka and J. Makani

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