Genomic Structure and Promoter Analysis of the Bubalus Bubalis Leptin Gene

Francesco Napolitano


The buffalo is an animal ever-growing in our hemisphere, one of the major problems for the geneticimprovement of this species, concerns two reproductive aspects: the difficult heat detection and the seasonality of theoestrus cycles. The leptin plays a critical role in the regulation of reproductive and immune function in humans, it is at thecentre of the complex networks that coordinate changes in nutritional state with many diverse aspects of mammalianbiology. We have sequenced the 5’ flanking region and exon 1 of the leptin gene in buffalo. The sequencing is the 'firststep' for understanding the role of various parts of the genome and is a springboard from which to decode the genome.The simple sequencing, in fact, does not provide information directly applicable to understand the mechanismsunderlying physiological and pathological processes, but represents a necessary step through which you can identify therole of different regions of DNA. However, waiting for the complete genome sequence of the buffalo, the database of thebovine genome offers the opportunity to investigate the buffalo genome in genes which are recognized to influencephysiological processes related to reproduction in other species. In this context, our research had decided to investigatethe leptin gene and particularly the regulatory area: the promoter.


Single nucleotide polymorphisms, genetic markers, capillary electrophoresis

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ISSN: 1927-520X