Journal of Buffalo Science

The Journal of Buffalo Science is a peer-reviewed veterinary journal covering all aspects of veterinary sciences relating to buffaloes. The journal publishes high quality original articles, review articles, case reports and short communications as well as other scientific and educational articles. The journal facilitates the distribution and implementation of new ideas and techniques relating to clinical veterinary practice, with the ultimate aim of promoting the best practices. The journal is an essential  reading for  veterinarians primarily engaged in Buffalo related veterinary sciences.

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Vol 6, No 3 (2017)

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Comparative Meat Production Performance Evaluation of Buffalo with Cattle at Different Ages
Biplob Kumer Roy, Khan Shahidul Haque, Nazmul Huda 66-73
Differences of the Fertility Potential between Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) and Cattle (Bos indicus): The Role of Antimullerian Hormone (AMH)
Jesus A. Berdugo Gutiérrez, Jose Julían Echeverri, Ariel Marcel Tarazona, Albeiro López Herrera 74-80
Mesopotamian Buffaloes: Endangered Genetic Resource, Review
Jabbar Khliaf Mukssar Alsaedy, Khalid Al Fartosi 81-84
Milk Yield Response of Bypass Protein on Smallholder Dairy Animals
Netra P. Osti, P.K Jha, P Mandal, B Shah, B.S Shrestha, C.R Upreti, B.R Joshi, M.R Tiwari Pages 85-86

ISSN: 1927-520X