Ultrasonography and Reproduction in Buffalo

Giuseppina Maria Terzano


Ultrasonography is a simple, reliable and non-invasive imaging technique without secondary effects.Application of real time ultrasonography in veterinary practice has developed to become the most efficient diagnostic toolfor managing reproduction. The objectives of current work are to offer an overview of the uses and utility ofultrasonography for the buffalo evaluation of physiological and pathological conditions and for the application of assistedreproductive technologies. Assessment of pregnancy status and fetal viability early postbreeding to identify cows that failto conceive improves reproductive efficiency by decreasing the interval between artificial insemination services andincreasing artificial insemination service rate. Ovarian and uterine pathologies, not accurately detected via rectalpalpation, can easily be visualized by ultrasound and appropriate therapies can be implemented. Determination of fetalsex in utero is useful when coupled with a management decision that justifies the expense of fetal sexing. Developmentof integrated reproductive management systems that combine ultrasound with new and existing reproductivetechnologies will further enhance the practical applications of ultrasonography. Development of extension educationprograms to train practitioners to use ultrasound for routine reproductive examinations is a critical step toward rapidimplementation of this technology into the dairy industry.


Follicles, ovary, corpus luteum, pregnancy, foetal viability, foetal age, foetal gender, reproductive management

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ISSN: 1927-520X