Outbreak of Fatal Subacute Bubaline Fasciolosis in Wayanad, Kerala, India

G. Jyothimol, V. Jayesh, KK Satheeshkumar, KG Ajithkumar, MN Priya, CK Deepa, K Syamala, Reghu Ravindran


Abstract: Present communication deals with a fatal outbreak of subacute fasciolosis in male buffalo calves in Wayanad district. During first week of February 2012, six out of 25 male buffalo calves aged 6-9 months, owned by a farmer residing near the dam site of Karappuzha, Wayanad district died suddenly during a period of 3-4 days. The animals were brought to Kerala 4 weeks back from Andhrapradesh for fattening. On post-mortem examination, the peritoneal cavity was filled with ascitic fluid. Liver was enlarged and large numbers of migrating flukes were observed. Snails collected from nearby water bodies released only echinostome cercariae. It was concluded that the infection occurred not from Kerala and might have happened from Andhrapradesh. Treatment with Triclabendazole at the dose rate of 24 mg/Kg body weight saved the rest of the animals.


, Fasciola gigantica, Wayanad district, Echinostome cercaria, Triclabendazole

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ISSN: 1927-520X