Effect of Year, Season and Parity on Milk Production Traits in Murrah Buffaloes

Hitesh Nandlal Pawar, Gandham Ravi Kumar, Raman Narang


Effects of year, season and parity on total lactation milk yield (TLMY), 305 day milk yield (305d MY) and average fat percentage for Murrah buffaloes maintained at dairy farm under GADVASU, Ludhiana, Punjab, during 2004-2008 were evaluated. Averaged TLMY, 305d MY and Fat percentage were 2191.8± 93.7 kg, 2091.1±87.06 kg and 7.12 ±0.11%. TLMY was found to be significantly affected by season (P≤0.05) but not by year and parity. The highest milk yield was obtained in animals calving in winter followed by rainy and summer. Milk yield of buffaloes in winter was significantly higher than that of animals in summer (P≤0.05). The TLMY increased over the years with highest milk yield in the year 2006 (2345.1±99.32kg). There was no consistent increase or decrease with the advance in years there on which may be due to the environmental variation in different years. TLMY was found lower in first parity and highest in fifth parity thereof decreasing (P<0.05). Similar results were obtained for 305d MY, where only the season was found significant (P≤0.05). The average fat percentage was significantly affected by year and season (p≤0.05). Milk fat percentage of buffaloes calved in winter was significantly (P≤0.05) higher than that of the animals calved in summer. Similarly the fat percentage varied significantly among the parities with no consistent increase over the advancement of the parities.


Year, season, parity, total lactation milk yield, 305 day milk yield, fat percentage

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ISSN: 1927-520X