Effect of herbal formulation AV/DAC-16 supplementation on rumen profiles in buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis)

Digvijay Singh, H. Bhatia


ABSTRACT[R1] 12 healthy buffalo calves with BW range 100-150 kg were fistulated and divided into two goups of 6 animals each. Control group animals were fed on conventional diet comprising of wheat straw (2 kg), green fodder (8 kg), concentrate (1.0 kg) and mineral mixture (0.050kg). The animals of the treatment group were kept on diet similar to the control group along with feeding of herbally formulated [R2] drug AV/DAC-16@ 15 gms/day for 21 days. Each animal was sampled for three consecutive days at 0 hr i.e., immediately before feeding and subsequent samples were taken at 2, 4 and 6 hr intervals after feeding. There was a significant fall in pH at 2 and 4 hours post-prandial and in Methylene BlueReductionTime[R3] during the entire observation period. TVFA concentration increased significantly in the treatment group. Though oral administration [R4] of AV/DAC-16 did not have any prominent effect on the protozoal count, the bacterial count increased significantly in comparison to control group. Total nitrogen concentrations fell significantly while a significant increase was observed in the ammonia nitrogen content in the supplemented group at 6 hours after feeding. The animals of supplemented group showed a significant increase in body weights.

Key words: Digestibility, Wheat Straw

[R1]?? Reply: Figure deleted.

[R2]How was offered to the animals?

Reply: The drug was given by opening the mouth of the animal using standard animal husbandry procedure.

[R3]describe the acronyms in the abstract

Reply: MBRT- Methylene  Blue Reduction Time

[R4]Direct?? Describe above

Reply: Per oral administration i.e., through mouth.


Digestibility, Wheat Straw

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