International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes papers dealing with all aspects of child health and defining the nutritional needs of children, from conception through adolescence. The Journal is designed to disseminate research findings and to attract quantitative and qualitative research papers relevant to individuals and institutions from all disciplines working in child health and nutrition including researchers, policymakers, sponsors, healthcare providers and non-governmental organizations.

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Vol 7, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents

General Articles

Increased Maternal Education and Knowledge of Nutrition and Reductions in Poverty are Associated with Dietary Diversity and Meal Frequency in an Observational Study of Indonesian Children PDF
Benjamin T. Crookston, Cudjoe Bennett, P. Cougar Hall, Muhamad Hasan, Mary Linehan, Ahmad Syafiq, Scott Torres, Joshua H. West, Kirk A. Dearden 132-138
Maternal Knowledge of Stunting in Rural Indonesia PDF
Cougar Hall, Cudjoe Bennett, Benjamin Crookston, Kirk Dearden, Muhamad Hasan, Mary Linehan, Ahmad Syafiq, Scott West, Joshua West 139-145
Evaluating the Impact of the Revised Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children Fruit Juice Allotment on Fruit Intake, Dietary Quality, and Energy/Nutrient Intakes among Children 1-4 Years of Age PDF
T.A. Nicklas, C.E. O’Neil, V.L. Fulgoni III 146-156
Preschool Children in Childcare Settings Do Not Consume a Healthy Diet Despite Menus that Meet Recommended Dietary Standards PDF
Stacie M. Kirk, Erik P. Kirk 157-162
Feeding Sensitivity at 3-Months Predicts Parental Feeding Style at 3-Years PDF
John Worobey 163-168
Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy and Level of Acculturation among Low- Income Pregnant Latinas
Merav W. Efrat 169-174
Breastfeeding Practices and Dietary Diversity among Infants and Young Children in Rural and Urban-Slum Populations in India: An Observational Study PDF
Urmila Deshmukh, Tinku Thomas, Sumathi Swaminathan, Anura Kurpad 175-183
The Effect of Different Weight Status on Social-Emotional Skills of Adolescents PDF
Sebahat Aydos, Aysel Köksal Akyol 184-193
Effect of Nutritional Status and Associated Factors on Pneumonia Treatment Outcome among Under-Five Children at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Bizuhareg Teka Hailemariam, Tesfaye Girma Legesse, Kassahun Alemu 194-200
Infant Feeding Perceptions and Barriers to Exclusive Breastfeeding in Urban and Rural Cameroon
Lem Ngongalah, Ngwa Niba Rawlings, Wepngong Emerson, Oluwaniyi Titilope, Mumah Sharon 201-209

ISSN: 1929-4247