Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

General Articles

Rethinking Child Protection in Emergencies PDF
Cyril Bennouna, Hanna-Tina Fischer, Michael Wessells, Neil Boothby 39-46
Beverage Consumption in the Diets of Children is Not Consistently Associated with Weight: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2014 PDF
Theresa A. Nicklas, Carol E. O’Neil, Victor L. Fulgoni III 47-62
Project Spraoi: Dietary Intake, Nutritional Knowledge, Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Health Markers of Irish Primary School Children PDF
A. Merrotsy, A.L. McCarthy, J. Flack, S. Lacey, T Coppinger 63-73
The Influence of Perinatal Education on Breastfeeding Decision and Duration
Corina Zugravu, Michaela Iuliana Nanu, Florentina Moldovanu, Oana Cristina Arghir, Cristina Maria Mihai, Marina Ruxandra O?elea, Simona Claudia Cambrea 74-81
Eating Disorders and Depression in Adolescents: The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors, Family and Peer Relations
Goran Livazovi?, Iva Mudrini? 82-96

ISSN: 1929-4247