International Journal of Criminology and Sociology

The International Journal of Criminology and Sociology monitors the rapidly changing interdisciplinary fields of criminology and sociology. It is a forum for the publication and discussion of theory, research, policy, and practice in the related aspects of this discipline.

IJCS is a valuable resource for intellectuals dealing with the various aspects related to crime, whether its criminology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, law, economics, politics or social work. It is also of great value to professionals concerned with crime, law, criminal justice, politics, and penology.

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Vol 7 (2018)

Table of Contents


Working Bars: Employed Prisoners' Perception of Professional Training and Employment in Prison PDF
Ronit Peled Laskov, Uri Timor 1-15
The Principles of Ritual Logic PDF
Beatrice Ugolini 16-19
Caught between ‘Crossfire’ in the Context of Bangladesh PDF
A.B.M. Najmus Sakib, Zarin Tasnim Rashid 20-31
Exploring Places of Street Drug Dealing in a Downtown Area in Brazil: An Analysis of the Reliability of Google Street View in International Criminological Research PDF
Elenice DeSouza Oliveira, Ko-Hsin Hsu 32-47
Geography and Sentencing: Does Country of Citizenship Influence Sentence Longevity? PDF
Gale Iles, Oladipupo V. Adegun 48-58
The Case of Ditto Block: A Study of Special Weapons and Tactics, Antisocial Personality, Mental Illness and Barricade Offenders PDF
Terrance G. Lichtenwald, Frank S. Perri 59-114
The Origin of White Collar Criminality? Exploring a Gene x Environment Interaction Hypothesis PDF
Tage Alalehto 196-205
Explaining Torture: A Case Study PDF
Claudia Reyes- Quilodran, Martha Cottam 206-223
Citizen Opinion Survey: How a Mid-Sized California Community Perceives their Police Department PDF
Robert Werling, Sriram Chintakrindi, Nicholas Clark, Gregory Morris, Mark Perry, Blake Randol 239-249
The Role of Law Enforcement in Community-Based Drug Treatment and its Impact on Crime Prevention PDF
Krisanaphong Poothakool 250-259
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Harassment: An Application of Attribution Theory PDF
Melanie Clark Mogavero, Ko-Hsin Hsu 260-274

Special Issue - Crime and Public Policy in Latin America

Some Temporarily Successful Experiences along Three Decades of Failure: Crime and Public Policy in Brazil PDF
Renan Springer de Freitas, Ludmila Ribeiro 115-120
Public Safety Policy in the State of Minas Gerais (2003-2016): Agenda Problems and Path Dependence PDF
Ludmila Mendonça Lopes Ribeiro, Ariane Gontijo Lopes 121-134
Violence, Criminal Subjection and Political Merchandise in Brazil: An Overview from Rio PDF
Michel Misse 135-148
Public Security and Policy Networks in Brazil PDF
Arthur Trindade M. Costa 149-158
Violence and Public Safety as a Democratic Simulacrum in Brazil PDF
Renato Sérgio de Lima 159-172
Construction and Deconstruction of a Homicide Reduction Policy: The Case of Pact for Life in Pernambuco, Brazil PDF
José Luiz Ratton, Jean Daudelin 173-183
Some Conceptual Basis for Crime Prevention in Brazil and USA: Generic Public Policies and Control Crime Programs PDF
Claudio Beato, Andréa Silveira 184-195
Lethal Violence and Peripheral Youth Extermination in Brazil Amazon Region PDF

ISSN: 1929-4409